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Aany info on multiphonic tribe on sugarhill lp

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  • Aany info on multiphonic tribe on sugarhill lp

    any one know bout this LP

    the title track has a classic break n is a real nice jazzy funker from 1980

    this LP aint on the sugarhill discograhy

    i reckon its a promo and it aint got a sleeve with it??
    someone told me they used to send promos out without sleeves?

    anyone help please!!

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    the music on this sounds earlier than 1980 and jack mcduff did LPs on this lable too

    so props to sylvia and her mafiosa connections


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      I've got a copy of this LP, with a proper picture cover, so yours could be a promo, or just have the sleeve missing. There was/is a guy on the Soulstrut board called RedClay who had a different pressing to the Sugarhill one, credited not to Multiphonic Tribe, but to one of the players - same tracklisting and line up as the Sugarhill. My guess is it was either an opportunistic re-issue (there was only about a year different in the issue dates) or just the Robinson clan being shady and sticking it out.

      Anyone else know of this?
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        yeah ya probs right


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          hey Dan
          could you tell me the musicians on it please ,im well intrigued


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            I'll do it tonight when I get home Chris.
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              is it the same as the one on Trident?
              Chops for show, groove for dough.


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                Yeah,its the same LP as the one on Trident credited to Dick Griffin. Quite deep jazz in places, I love the title track. I saw the Sugarhill pressing in Holland once, I was quite surprised as its nothing like anything I've ever heard on Sugarhill.


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                  btw, Dan where you been????????


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                    Dick Griffin - trombone
                    Clifford Jordan - tenor sax
                    Bill Saxton - tenor/soprano sax
                    Don Smith -- flute & piano
                    Billy Hart - drums
                    Freddie Watts - drums
                    Calvin Hill - bass
                    Lawrence Killian - percussion
                    Hubert Eves - piano

                    No session dates so not sure who played on what tracks. LP is dated 1980 - -anyone with the Trident press got info on the release date for that?

                    Mark - been busy with work and family for the past year so kept a low profile, but have been made redundant so have a bit more time to piss about with records again - just no cash to buy any! Maybe see you at next month's Brillo?
                    Stop wasting your money on records and get a proper hobby.


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                      Bit more info here:


                      but doesn't say when it was ecorded, just that it's a follow up to his '74 Strata East joint.
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                        diggin in the archive, eh? must be bored/ avoiding some sort of responsibility...

                        anyway, been listening to this quite a bit recently, title track beaty, but the big track for me is the delightful "waltz my son", as played recently on Raggy's lovely radio show (thanks Matt for the pointer).

                        mine's the sugarhill pressing, btw. and i still know no more about than was known when this thread was started. what a line up, though...