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Jazzman! saturday 18th september

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  • Jazzman! saturday 18th september

    Who fancies a dose of the largey stuff?

    Ian Wright

    1) King C - Funk pt 2
    2) Little Beaver - Everybody has some dues to pay
    3) Archie Bell & the Drells - A thousand wonders
    4) Fantastic Soul Invention - Born to get down
    5) T&T - Something on my mind

    Greg Belson

    1) Lola King - I got a good thing
    2) Diplomats - She's the one
    3) Betty Brewton - Heavy, heavy lovin'
    4) Herbie Williams - Now that the war is over
    5) Brothers of Soul - Hurry don't linger


    1) Ann Sexton - you've been gone to long
    2) New World - We're gonna Make it
    3) Marion Black - Who Knows
    4) Ruby Andrews - You gotta to do the same thing
    5) Anna Raye - Anna's Thing

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    any VV-ers going tonight?


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      Not this time, but I do fancy a trip down to the smoke for this at some point before Greg's sideys take over the entire dancefloor...

      You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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        Greg is the only man ever to give you a one armed bear hug and dj at the same time. <- Changed URL


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          Interesting Funk?  Is calling it &#39;Deep&#39; too shallow?


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   was an absolute *roadblock* session. Superb.

            And the venue have upgraded the sound system. Sounded absolutely heavenly in there&#33;&#33;

            Pictures from the night are going up at the funk45 forum soon. Link to follow.

            Roll on October, chaps.