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  • Smile anyone?

    Hi just wondering if anyone else on here is looking forward to the studio release of Smile by Brian Wilson.

    I saw the live show in March and got a bootleg and thought it was amazing, if not a little painful at times, when Brian's vocals were a bit wayward.

    I heard a review on Michael Parkinson's Radio show this morning (shit, I'm getting old) and it was kinda dismissed out of hand. Yeah, I know there's a lot of hype from something that has built up a near religious obsession so some will wonder what all the fuss was about but surely Surfs Up, Cabinessence, Child is Father to the Man, Wonderful etc fully justify what a ground breaking LP Smile would have been, don't they?

    And I could question Parky's tastes with all that Big Band parping shit he loves but I hate to offend others on here who have a liking to the same
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    Yes, intrigued, but also wary since I realised it's not a version built around the existing recordings, but a completely re-recorded version, so not sure how it'll sound - probably lacking in the (crucial) analogue feel of the original session material? (Does anyone know if the re-recording has extended to the previously available parts like 'Good vibrations', 'Heroes & Villains', 'Surf's Up', 'Cabinessence' etc as well as the unissued parts?). Will definitely be giving it a listen when I get chance, though...
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