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Hf&s sept 23: djs nick & guests, liam & fin

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  • Hf&s sept 23: djs nick & guests, liam & fin

    Thursday September 23: DJs Nick.C & special guests, Liam Large & Francis Gooding (Bring It Up, Evergreen).

    Hot, Funky & Sweaty
    Every Thursday, Salmon & Compass, 58 Penton St, Angel N1 9PZ
    8pm – 2am. £2 (cheap&#33. More info: 020 7837 3891.

    SeptemberÂ’s one of those months where you get five Thursdays instead of four, which is of course, great! So this time you get two extra guest DJs for your two bucks: Liam & Francis usually play as a team & posses between them an incredible array of fantastic funk and soul. LiamÂ’s a Saadia specialist (if youÂ’re not familiar with this label, then get familiar with it, please&#33 and Francis is an African funk expert. Whatever they play, itÂ’ll have an edge and sound bloody great!

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    Cool I might be able to make this one.

    Liam/Francis - is it evergreen this friday? <- Changed URL


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      Yes it is evergreen this friday, but we&#39;re not playing this one... i&#39;ll probably be going down anyway though. Tickets in advance only, you can get them in the 3 Kings or in Clerkenwell Music (my place of employment)

      Just on a matter of accuracy, I don&#39;t think I can claim in any way to be an african funk specialist. My knowledge and collection is very limited compared to the real specialists in that field... I&#39;ll play some anyway though, along with a bunch of ska and reggae and the obligatory funk and soul, plus a dash of hiphop too for good measure. Hope to see some of you there...