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Blackbirds - no destination

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  • Blackbirds - no destination

    Passed this over at the boot a little while back as the seller wanted an (seemingly) optimistic tenner for it. The only thing I've heard from it is the uncredited track 'Space' which ended up for some reason, on a Boulevard compilation.

    So, did I make yet another tight fisted mistake ? Is it worth picking up at all ?
    Matt Hero

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    I quite like it, though it's not going to be in anyones top ten lists. Not in any way funky, but there is one track that has some nice creepy spoken word ('She&#39 but other than that it's a bit flat. 'Space' is the most wigged-out track.

    Plus, it has the usual Saga 'recorded in a school hall' fidelity.

    I got mine for not much money, and if i'd paid any more i'd have felt a bit ripped off.

    Hope that helps you feel better ;-)



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      Cheers fella, seems that being mean was the right decision. I'll wait for a cheapie.
      Matt Hero


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        i quite like it,but that seems a fair price.the copy i saw was not in good in nick and the guy wanted 12 quid for the pleasure.its not funky though its more garage rock!