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  • Top of the pops (and similar 70s lps)

    Hi to everyone

    I'm new round here, so hi again and please forgive any unintended faux pas (how do show do a plural of that?&#33

    One of my reasons for signing on to VV was that I hoped I might be able to make contact with anyone who collects these estimable Top of the Pops style 70s LPs.  And I know I'm in the right place.  I've just been reading the Labels of Love section of VV and have already trebled or quadrupled my knowledge of these classics (as well as generating a few new questions - e.g. who or what was the Dyne covers stable behind the Chartbusters LPs!&#33

    Anyway, my main interest in these classics is that I am trying to track down cover versions of original Status Quo songs that appeared quite regularly on these LPs, particulary in the first half of the 70s, but in some cases into the early 80s.  I've a few of these cover versions already - some are terrible, but others are rather well done, so plenty of incentive to carry on!

    The array of these LPs that is 'out there' is quite astonishing, so as a starting point, I'm trying to sort out track listings for as many of these sorts of LPs as possible so that I can narrow down the ones I need to find.  It's a case of find the track listing and then spot the Quo song.

    I've nailed track listings for many of the LPs in the original Top of the Pops series - all but the last 20 or so in the series anyway.  And I've got track listings for all 20 of the MFP Hot Hits LPs as well.  But these were just the cream of the crop!! There were plenty of pretenders to the TOTP anonymous studio musician cheap and cheerful cover version LPs - 16 Chart Hits, 12 Tops, Chartbusters, Pye Chartbusters, Pick of the Pops, 6 Top Hits...and no doubt more!

    As I say, I've got a few Quo covers already from a number of these, but would love to hear from anyone who's got a bit of a collection of these sorts of things - either by replying to this post or emailing me direct, whatever is preferred.  

    Ultimately, I'd like to find out a lot more about the people who actually performed this stuff, but that can come later.  First up is to hear the music!

    Thanks for reading this far and hope to hear from a few of you.

    Peter from Oz

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    I think you need to speak to Lord Thames.

    Welcome to the site! <- Changed URL


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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (PeteQuoFan @ Sep. 22 2004,11:13)]I&#39;m new round here, so hi again and please forgive any unintended faux pas (how do show do a plural of that?&#33
      Faux pie?

      welcome aboard&#33;  
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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] (sermad @ Sep. 22 2004,11:23)]I think you need to speak to Lord Thames.
        You rang?

        Yes, I confess, I&#39;m the resident anonymous cover LPs addict here - I collect the whole gamut of them, and I&#39;ve got a complete set of Hot Hits, an almost complete set of 12 Tops (about five or six missing at the last count) and I&#39;m about 20 or so away from a complete set of TOTPs as well (but I have got the first and last volumes&#33

        I&#39;ve got a few Quo cover versions amongst that lot - let me know which ones you have, and I&#39;ll see if I&#39;ve got any others. The earliest one I&#39;ve been able to find is &#39;In My Chair&#39; on an early TOTP.

        The Dyne situation is complicated, but basically there were a whole load of independent production companies who were all in league with each other - MCR, Coombe Music, Dyne and Hensley Music - who kept the budget labels supplied with this sort of stuff. I think what happened was MCR/Coombe would record a track on multitrack tape, then the other companies would take the backing track and put their own vocal on top (or make an instrumental version, or whatever)

        I&#39;ve done some research into singers, arrangers, producers and musicians too (with some help from a friend of mine) which may form the basis of an article for this site when I get round to it&#33;


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          I recall reading an article in the Record Collector years ago and they did a little feature on the TOTP history/musicians etc.

          Can&#39;t give you the issue number so this is a fairly pointless piece of information

          Hello anyway.
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            Thanks guys, for the welcome and the info.  

            I&#39;ll see if I can track that particular edition of Record Collector down with the feature on the TOTP stuff, and Lord Thames - you are a gent.  I&#39;ll be in touch shortly&#33;
            Peter from Oz


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              For what it&#39;s worth, I think the article actually appeared in Mojo - Keiron Tyler interviewed producer/arranger Bruce Baxter and vocalist Tony Rivers.

              There were a couple of very minor factual errors - but it was such a nice article otherwise I&#39;m not going to quibble&#33; I&#39;ve still got the magazine somewhere.

              Pete - I was listening to the 12 Tops version of Paper Plane today - not bad, the guitar was pretty convincing, and the vocals are a bit heavy. The drums were a bit light, but I quite like that, actually&#33;


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                Hi, Peter

                Probably you know this site, if not I hope it helps you a litlle. They have track listings and covers of TOTP from vol. 1 to vol. 92 and special ones.


                Btw, welcome on board.  

                ((-_-)) The groove is out there ((-_-))


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                  Thanks again guys.  I agree that some of the stuff, like the version of Paper Plane on 12 Tops, is more than respectable.  Obviously some talented (but anonymous&#33  musicians at work there&#33;

                  That&#39;s some TOTP site as well Moog Man - quite a collection.  Thanks for the link.

                  Lord Thames - I&#39;ve sent you an email with some further details of what Quo covers I&#39;ve got already.

                  Peter from Oz