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Any funk in munich this weekend?

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  • Any funk in munich this weekend?

    Couple mates of mine will be in Munich for the weekend and asked me if I knew of any good funk nights for them to check out... Make me look cool and cosmopolitan!

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    I think Florian Keller's night - 'Into Somethin' is on Saturdays, should be on this weekend. Failing that, the Atomic Cafe or Muffathalle should have something good. Personally I'd recommend the Deutches Museum (oldest science museum in Europe), but that's because I'm a dull old fart. Oh...and no records in Munich.
    We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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      Cheers John, checked out Florian's site, it is indeed every Sat - I've passed on the info, ta again... I remember selling a copy of Space Funk to him a while back and now wish I hadn't cos the B Side is better and I miss it...