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  • Perfect friday

    I can't vouch for it but I thought I'd mention this 1970 Brit crime caper curio on BBC1 late tonight. With Stanley Baker, David Warner, Ursula Andress. Music by the Dankworth. Might have its moments.....
    Endless Tripe

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    Speaking of movies of VV interest - did anyone catch Deathline on Sky few days back?


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      I'm going to be setting the VCR for 'Perfect Friday' tonight. I saw the first fifteen minutes of this film a few years ago in a bleary-eyed, half-awake state (late night showing) and have vague recollections of the theme tune being pretty good in a jazzy Dankworth sorta way. The film's pretty bizarre from what I saw of it.
      A leaping rocker with a strong mood, a moderate beat and a safari feel.


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        Managed to stay up late and catch this, enjoyed it. (especially all those moments with Ursula naked, never knew she had done a film with it all hanging out&#33 I always had her in my top ten movie stunners, so this was a pleasant surprise....

        Mark GV
        Mark GV Taylor