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  • Blood on the turntable

    I saw the trailer the other night, and promptly forgot all about it... have only just realised that this weeks episode wasn't the first and there's only one left! If it gets repeated, is it worth a peep?
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      I watched the Stone Roses one on Monday and that was highly entertaining and very depressing. The manager was a shameless bastard and was unrepentant about his managerial practices (33.33% cut of all their earnings indeed). He was given £200,00 by David Geffen to help fight the court case. Mani said the band was never told about this cheque...


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        I taped the Roses one, really glad I did. If only for Mani's comedic skills! I lost count of the times they had to bleep him for calling Evans a 'C***(insert bleeping noise here)'.

        Evans really came out of it badly, more so than in any of the books I've read about the band. Nasty little Thatcherite. Hopefully, some Roses/United fans will pay a visit to his golf course armes with spades and forks - a bit of light gardening wouldn't go amiss.

        I also predict a Roses reunion at Glastonbury 2005. I live in hope. Or blind faith.
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