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  • Night after night after night

    Hey Vultures,

    A few nights ago, I watched this 1969 brit slasher classic.

    Those who have not seen it, I thoroughly recommend you do. It's one of Lindsay Shonteff's masterpieces (here credited as Lewis J. Force).

    My query is this. The music was composed by Douglas Gamley. A nice go go/crime jazz/drama score btw. Did Gamley write any library music? Did he use any psuedonyms?

    Any help would be great.

    David S
    God bless Fatso.

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    ah! douglas gamley did the soundtrack to a good little film we were all talking about a while back, but i can't remember the name... it was from around 1973 or so and funky... i remember the film being a bit of a silly horror, but very entertaining... i'm a bit fuzzy on that one.

    i'm pretty sure gamley did some library stuff, too. he even did a stereo gold award album, "hits of 1970" or something! i've got it somewhere.

    my recollection is that i was talking all about this to my good friend lord thames - he'll tell you all about douglas i reckon.

    EDIT!: the film was called "the beast must die" and here's the thread. have a butchers...


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      Ahh yes, I remember reading that thread. I haven't seen "Beast Must Die" in ages. I should watch it again.

      "Watch the Werewolf break"

      David S
      God bless Fatso.