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  • Bobbeye hall and joe porter

    Hey everybody,

    I don't know if any of you are familiar with this LP I just scored
    an upgrade and 2nd copy too, but I think you would like at least 2 tracks on it. I therefore have a copy to trade
    I'm going to make some MP3's for it.

    It is credited to percussionist Bobbeye Hall, a lady killer percussionist, I guess a session/studio player too.

    It's called "Body Language for Lovers" and it's on 20th Century Records, dated 1977.

    The 2 tracks I used to play on my show(s) were "Copula" and "Ovinu Malkaynu", which the latter, to the best of my own Hebraic memory is an old Hebraic hymn or prayer.

    I'm not a practicing Jew, I've got it down pat and don't have to practice anymore

    Dig this studio/session band line up;

    All Keyboards and Arrangements-Andy Belling, Drums-John Gadson, Bass-Chuck Rainey and/or Tim Barr, Guitars and maybe Electric Sitar-Ben Benay, Featured Percussionist-Bobbye Hall, Additional Percussionists-Tommy Vic, Andy Belling and Joe Porter, Harp-Dorothy Ashby, Flute and Sax-Buddy Collette, Trumpet and Flugelhorn-Judd Miller.

    Then there are 5 very soulful female and 1 male background vocalists.

    It's produced by Joe Porter as well as all titles being written by Joe along with Bobbye Hall

    I did a tiny little bit of research for Bobbye but haven't followed thru with it because there is so much she's done and records she's been on it's crazy !

    Joe Porter's name sounds really familiar to me and I bet some of you guys ( or gals ) could tell me and everyone else more about him or it would be nice if you could instead of us just going to google and searching for his name.

    Doesn't he have or have had something to do with the Meters, like the Bassist ? I've listened to the Meters for too many years to listen or look at 1 of their records, so how about you tell us !

    I could be totally off base here about the Meters

    Those 2 tracks have this incredibly cool funk groove and the sound of the "guitar" is kinda "wobbly" but great sounding and everyone that has heard it thinks it's a sitar.

    Most people aren't familiar with this LP and I hope you all find 1 real soon in dead mint shape for a quarter

    Thanks for the space V V ! -_-


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    Found this below on this UK site; I think it's a UK site anyways.

    This weeks Java Joint.
    Bobbye Hall - Body Language for Lovers
    '20th Century' T-534 (1977)
    Fusion come folk album that is a perfect compliment to lazy days here at 'Bootsville' Vienna. Bobbye Hall was a top session musician and even played percussion for Stevie Wonder and Joni Mitchell. Not sure many albums passed through but this one is certainly a hidden gem. Not a duff track in the line up. Think Rotary Connection with out Minnie and Charles. Tracks that are moving my 'boots' are 'Oh' and 'Voyeur'. Also, "Copula" and "Ovinu Malkaynu"


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      Check the Grant Green album 'Live at the Lighthouse' to discover how well she can play the congas. Definitely on point.

      This album is cool - but really stretching the mark comparing it with Rotary Connection. The tunes could be described as closer to Axelrods 'Seriously Deep' I guess, the production style of 'Deep' too is close-ish. The '77 production techniques are no where near the grunge of any of the Rotary Connection work, save possibly the 'Hey Love' album. But even that is far dirtier.

      If I was to liken it to anything, then I would go for a cross between Rupert Cobbett and the 'Seriously Deep' album. Very good soundscapes which is a pleasant surprise considering the lead artist for the album is a percussionist. ie it doesn't turn into a drum fest.