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  • The great escape

    was asked by a mate last week if i fancied djing on saturday october 9th for a party.

    what's the occasion? i ask

    oh, just a get together with the lads, he answers, all mysterious

    oh right, where at? i inquire

    ehm.. (name of really rough pub in stockport), but in a private room, replies said mate

    what's the deal? asks me

    (sigh) a couple of hundred lads getting together to celebrate / comiserate the england vs wales game. [long pause] is that a no, then? says my mate

    combination of roughest pub in the district and a couple of hundred beered up footie casuals nudged me towards a negative response, which my mate wasn't too surprised by. should've seen it really, as he's a budding dj, and admitted he would never consider doing it in a million years.

    did make me wonder what i'd be expected to play. would doubling up on niagara be appreciated? bonnie and wendy? birds n brass? welsh sain folk?

    weirdly, a part of me is now thinking it could've been a very surreal (albeit dangerous) experience.  

    and no, i've no real football allegiance, before anyone asks....probably why i was asked in the first place, come to think of it...

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    i used to play at the zanzibar club in liverpool for pyscho crazed gangsters when it first opened into a trendy 'acid jazz' club after bein the circle club the dirtiest nastyest scally drug club, all nite it was 'play some hardcore or im gonna stab ya' these guys just stood there in front of me all nite repeating this!!

    a gig is a gig


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      i once got talked into playing a children's birthday party (!&#33, which was actually pretty good fun initially, cos the kids loved it big time. unfortunately the parents weren't quite so well behaved and it all ended in a massive scrap between them, with me trying to calm things down as lots of screaming toddlers ran around and the place got generally trashed.. i'd had bad vibes before the gig so now i always go with my gut instinct!


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        I remember I was playing some tunes at a tiny house party when I was at university in '98. . . I stuck on Depth Charge's "Romario" and a couple of the white shirted, lagered up faithful were like "What is this ? - Some kind of joke ?!".


        If I was you I'd play a 2 track set consisting of "Three Lions", followed by the gabba anthem "c%^ face", then make as swift a getaway as possible.