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  • Country funk?

    i remember a while ago there was a folk funk thread on here.ive just picked up a copy of-michael nesmith & the first national band-loose salute,and much to my surprise found"hello lady" to be quite funky!is there any more country albums of this nature i should be checkin for?


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    Crazy Bout My Baby by Bonnie Bramlett (it's on the Sweet Bonnie Bramlett LP)


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      cheers mate ive made a note of that


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        I'm not sure whether it's exactly funk, but 'Hits From The Johnny Cash Register' by the New Decimal System on Fontana is surprisingly good - instrumental renditions of the Man In Black's greatest hits, with plenty of fiddle and banjo but an excellent rhythm section.


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          The 'Country Got Soul' CD is rather good. I haven't heard volume 2 yet though.


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            Shadow did a country chart for some trendy mag a while back... I'll try and find it after work.


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              Does Tony Joe White count?
              He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (Hadrian Elephant @ Oct. 01 2004,18:03)]Does Tony Joe White count?
                yes!! check for stud spider
                think its on a s/t LP


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                  all tony joes LPs are great

                  don preston is the new kid on the block chek his baby its you fat country funk


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                    Ok found the shadow chart... turns out it was country/country related not funky country...

                    i'll post it up if you're interested.


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                      yeah post it up anyway mate!cheers


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                        Originally posted by [b
                        Quote[/b] (**kidsaer** @ Oct. 04 2004,12:44)]yeah post it up anyway mate!cheers
                        No probs, I'll do it tonight...


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                          Ok, here's what our josh put in his country/country related list...

                          1. Rapartee - C B Wrapper (magnet 1981) uk rap about red neck truckers?!

                          2. Junior Bennett - Catfish Gumbo (Sugar 1971) Samplable Bluegrass

                          3. Dennis the Fox - Piledriver (Private Pressing 1975) Country acid folk

                          4. Big John K - Poor Souls (Demo 45 1971) Homicidal country funk from indiana

                          5. Hank Williams Jnr - Family Tradition (Phantom mid 1980's) From an LP called celebrities at their worst hes drunk and fucking up/yelling at the audience.

                          6. Tow Down - Country Rap Tune (Elektra 2001) used on diminishing returns.

                          7. Kenny Rogers - Tulsa Turnaround (razor & tie 1979) Country with a break.

                          8. Area Code 615 - Stone Fox Chase (polydor 1973) (hmm, says here that it was used for old grey whistle test but i'm sure that was The Steve Miller Band? maybe i'm wrong?)

                          9. Tobias Wood Henderson - Colour Blind Man (Pulsar) Countryish funk 45

                          10. Plain Brown Wrapper - Junior saw it happen (monster) not really country related (I think shad was hard pushed to find 10.)