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    Rhythmes and Rhythmiques, both Telemusic Libraries

    I am fairly certain that both of these are really good to great,
    BUT if you know for certain how these are, please let me know
    as I am almost certain I am going to be getting them both for $30.00 each

    Thanks for your help


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    Glad I can help!

    I have Rhythms on Telemusic #34 / 3034 by Tony Rubio

    The track list:

    1. Latin Leitmotiv 03:08
    2. Red Medium 06:58
    3. Dead Slow 03:30
    4. Royal Shuffle no.1 03:08
    5. Royal Shuffle no.2 03:08

    6. Rock 73' 09:34
    7. Bass in Action no.1 03:31
    8. Bass in Action no.2 03:31
    9. Pepper Rock 02:30

    Overall this library is quality and used to fetch some serious cheddar on certain lists, always looked out for this and then scooped it up in Paris for less than quarter of the dealers tag.

    Track 1 kicks off with a deeply resonating bass effect and then latin percussion over the top on this shuffling distorted beat, real nice and groovey. Piano is later added and more muted bongo's with the entire arrangement put thru the distortion effects, drums real phased and spaced.

    Track 2 starts with a typical library cop show intro with wah wah and slow percussion layering into a mid tempo breakbeat with more drums on top. Add a gentle electric piano over this and it makes for quite a nice little soundtracky funk cut. Madly long for a typical library cut and it goes right off at the end sequence with the guitar sliding into the realms of rock but soon returns to its original mid tempo.

    Track 3 is my fave, a deep almost modal in overall atmosphere cut made simply with a wonderfully understated bass and drum movement with an ehtereal girl voice gliding over the proceedings. This is a real "send you to sleep with a big fat smile on your face" tune and the kind even your girlfriend would like too [bonus!]

    Conversely, after following such a lovely number, Track 4 is a slightly irritating girl pop thing which just keeps this jumpy tempo throughout.

    Track 5 is an alternative version without the mad little girl's voice which is something of a bonus and breaks into more instrumentation at the end part.

    Track 6 is extraordinary! Quite unique in library terms I think and is a very, very moody, even dark piece which starts with heavy, brooding atmosphere and develops the theme with resonating monk like male voices over some sinister goings on. This track is more like something off a Niemen LP or some other dark east european gothic ridden Prog experiment, than some Telemusic joint! It really is a matter of taste here but I dig the darkness, so.....

    Track 7 is a stripped down, proto-typical library cut which demonstrates the simple method of layering an arrangement and turns in a wicked head nodder, with fabulous electric keys over the fat bass and drum sequence, listen to the beat, it's hip-hop heaven!

    Track 8 strips it down further and features one of the most funniest male vocals ever, shooby doobying over the same drum and bass sequence.

    track 9 is a Jerry Lee Lewis style paino romp and utterly wasted on the likes of me. Hate it but then again, whatever flicks your switch! Hope you like them anyway!
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      Thank you very much, sir