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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]COOL CREATIONS OF ST. MAARTEN VOL.1 (jay records) anyone have any info?
    Hello Mr Iueke,

    I found this a while back and, like you, what to know more about the group.

    I wonder if the Cool Creations are the same group as the Rolling Tones? I have no basis for this apart from they're the only groups I know from St Maarteens who where cutting soul influenced LPs around the same time.

    The Rolling Tones LP goes for big bucks but I prefer the Cool Creations because of the modern soul track on Side A. If fact, I have no idea why the Rolling Tones goes for big bucks because it ain't good imho.

    Let me know if you find out more.

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      i certainly keep you posted on info i get. I've seen this lp for sale somewhere, but can't remember..

      i went to the Chanperet record fair yesterday - i was ok-ish.

      what i found:
      Sun Ra live au Gibus - original
      franco Tamponi - in mondo serioso (SR library)
      henryk Debich - string beat (8euro)
      Eraldo Volonte ep astraphone - well rare
      Giorgio Carnini - merry melodies (gemelli library)
      jacques lejeune - parages - inagrm
      catchy rhythms from Nigeria vol.3 10"

      and loads of other less interesting bits.


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        For me - Rolling Tones is a VERY average piece - save yer money and buy something with a little 'longevity' - knoworriman?

        Mark the Res
        My three boyz...