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  • Most over-rated rarity

    7";12":LP...UK;Euro;US...Please yourself.

    Don't want to be spreader of neg.vibes or offend anyone or anything, but which top rarity do you reckon ain't all it's cracked up to be?

    Moody underwhelmed me when I finally got to hear it but it has since grown on me. So I will have to plump for Blossom Dearie and "London In The Rain".

    Blossom Dreary, more like.

    (Of course this is subject to revision should a copy turn up in Animal Sanctuary any time soon...)  

    Endless Tripe

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    invaders - spacing out, combu xingu... lialeh isn't all that either...
    Chops for show, groove for dough.


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      Stark Reality.
      Matt Hero


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        Stark Reality for sure. Mohawks. <- Changed URL


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          how can you say the mohawks&#33; the dopest uk crew eva pepsi, champ, beat me til ,signor 69, etc etc etc etc etc


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            Pepsi aint on the lp&#33;

            Senor Thump and Beat me till I&#39;m blue - Total classics. The rest is shite.

            Actually Landscape is also decent. But all of those are on 45 (except senior thump) so I would get them on 45 and the Big Beat 1 lp instead. Cheaper anyways.&#33;

   <- Changed URL


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              Blossom Dearie??? Well i never thought it was a top rarity but it is a top tune - incredible and surely worth every penny??&#33;
              I must say I was a bit underwhelmed when I got Vampires Of Dartmoor several years ago, and it&#39;s not much grown on me since - interesting is about all.
              I had an original Kitty Winter once and thought it sounded like Murph and The Magictones. Traded it very quickly.
              Most rare US funk LPs are over-rated IMO.

              As for the Mohawks, you don&#39;t like Landscape and Baby Hold ON? If that&#39;s shite god help the rest of music.


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                Curiously, &quot;Pepsi&quot; was one of the first things i ever bought when I was about 15 or so. To my shame / credit I thought it was tripe at the time. Haven&#39;t heard it in years though and no idea what became of my copy..

                &quot;The Champ&quot; always sounds a bit corny to me.
                Endless Tripe


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                  actually you&#39;re right - you could get every good track off the Mohawks LP on other original records (minus some horns).
                  Baby Hold On, Landscape, Champ are all 45s and Beat Me.. and Senior Thump are on Big Beat + other better tunes.
                  The man&#39;s right...over priced shite&#33;


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                    theres some records that just evade me for some reason n pepsi is one of em flippin weird neva had a copy eva

                    how can you say champ is cheesy if it wasnt for that record there woudnt be this website, there d be no slam dah dah da da da daaa,


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                      Originally posted by [b
                      Quote[/b] ]&quot;The Champ&quot; always sounds a bit corny to me.
                      That is one of my all time favourite tunes sir. I demand satisfaction (glove slap).

                      Anyways it&#39;s a cover of Otis &amp; Carla / Joe Tex and they rock too - how did he get anyway with that writing credit?

                      As for overated, why has no body mentioned Moody - Gentle Rain yet?
                      "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                        how can anything be overated when all you bums only pay £2 each for records in the 1st place&#33;&#33;


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                          Originally posted by [b
                          Quote[/b] (LDJB @ Oct. 04 2004,22:54)][as for overated, why has no body mentioned Moody - Gentle Rain yet?
                          I refer you to my original post.

                          Mr Frat, two quid sounds a bit steep.
                          Endless Tripe


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                            "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                              yup, i&#39;d go with the consensus, moody is vastly over-rated, not worth the shelf space.  most nick ingman productions are pretty dull in fact.

                              pretty much every funk 45 that goes for more than a tenner is a waste of a sleeve as well (i do like my sweeping generalisations though).