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  • Vinyl vulture xmas swap

    Ok I've started up a new thread with all the names so far for the swap.

    Please add your name to the thread if you are not down here - Please also add your country as we need to figure out the postage.

    For those sleeping - The swap is where you make a mix/comp/ of fine music (ANYTHING GOES) - And then you make a copy for every person on the list. You then send these CD's and payment for the postage costs of the cds to Sir (yes sir) John Stapleton in the UK. He will then send one copy of everyones mixes back to you. And you can bask in the holidays listening to the the finest music.

    The deadline for putting your name down on this list - October 15th.

    The deadline for sending your cd turning up at Johns - November 30th (so please send by mid november if overseas).

    Amino (Finland)
    Belson (UK)
    Beaver (UK)
    Bionic Boy (UK)
    Blighty (UK)
    Bodger (UK)
    Brother Logic (UK)
    Bruce Highway(??)
    Col Wolfe (UK)
    Djr (??)
    Dr Kraken (UK)
    Fin (UK)
    Green Man (UK)
    Hadrian Elephant (UK)
    Hayes (Finland)
    Head Gardener (UK)
    Hooded Claw (UK)
    John Idem (Australia)
    John Stapleton (UK)
    LDJB (UK)
    Left hand corner (UK)
    LLMod1 (UK)
    Manzo (UK)
    Martin Lovegrove (UK)
    Motown67 (USA)
    Mr_Hopkinson (UK)
    Nick Cope (UK)
    Rich Hero (UK)
    Rolex Baxter (Australia)
    Scriptfliper (UK)
    Sermad (UK)
    Si Cheeba (UK)
    Soul-Fiend (UK)
    SpiralBeat (USA)
    Superdiscobreaks (UK)
    Teddy rosso (Norway)
    The Divine One (UK)
    Theeman (UK)
    The Son Of Stan (UK)
    Tommyboy (UK)
    United states of audio (UK)
    Vibra (UK)
    Vinylism (UK)
    Wooly (UK)
    Yemsky (USA) <- Changed URL

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    my lazy ass is up for a swap&#33;


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      i&#39;m in finland, not uk, btw


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        Wooly (UK)

        I&#39;m not missing out this time&#33;


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          Missed the last one so definitely up for this:

          bodger (UK)
          Time to say peace...


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            Cool edited&#33;

            Any more?

   <- Changed URL


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              Originally posted by [b
              Quote[/b] (sermad @ Oct. 05 2004,10:29)]The swap is where you make a mix/comp/ of fine music (ANYTHING GOES)

              NO HAIR METAL
              We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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                Add me too Serms&#33;


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                  Nick, pm me your phone number so that we can organise a convinient time for me to come round, cheers Mark


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                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] (sermad @ Oct. 05 2004,13:14)]Cool edited&#33;
                    Any more?
                    I am stillin the US but by the time this starts to roll I will have moved back to London. I will try to get everything done in time, but it all depends on how long that container ship takes to go through the Panama canal and across the Atlantic. Should the deadline approach and I am still without my records and equipment I will buy everybody a copy of the latest Now That&#39;s What I Call Music (or something like that).
                    I do not want to miss out on hearing the contributions from such a smashing bunch of participants.


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                      36 people so far&#33;&#33;&#33; That&#39;s a hella lotta CDs right there.


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                        I&#39;m in Australia

                        .. throw another prawn on the barbie mate


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                          go on then, 37.
                          Laminated with Clarifoil™

                          also see :


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                            blimey, i&#39;m still listening to the easter lot, and that was only 20 + cds.  these will keep me going to the following christmas&#33;&#33;&#33;

                            will definitely be interesting to see what, if anything, gets repeated (there was only one instance of this in the last lot, i believe)


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                              thankyou, please.