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  • Video to dvd transfer

    Saw in a magazine yesterday that there is a machine that converts videos to DVD's made by Hewlett Packard. I really need to get rid of some videos as they take up so much space. Anyone know if these machines are any good? How much do blank DVD's cost? Any info appreciated.

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    A friend of mine does it, he's converted a few things for me. He uses Pinnacle Studio 8 & 9. Don't ask me about them, though, cos I don't know any more details...


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      You can get single layer DVDs (as opposed to the dual layer ones that commercial releases come on) at £7 for 25. You can now also get dual layer burners and discs, but I don't know how much the discs are. is a good place to buy from.

      As for whether the machines are any good? Well, it depends on what you're after. They're probably worth it if it's convenience that you're after, but it would be a lot cheaper to use your own PC, with a DVD burner and a graphics card that has a video input to let you capture it.
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        Yeah hp do a dvd burner/video capture box. But you need a pc to attach it too.

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          If you have a decent video card in your PC, and a dvd burner you can do this, without buying a seperate machine. Although you&#39;ll need a lot of free space on your harddrive.
          When I bought my dvd burner it came with software that enabled you to capture staight from video, but I haven&#39;t tried it yet.