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  • Canada

    Just back from Canada and yep, it's just as you guys said - no records what-so-ever.

    Dunno why I bothered really...

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    Sorry if I'm being a bit slow here but this is a joke .............right?


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      hehe, yeah, just kidding mate!

      Its was awesome - so much vinyl in that country! Just wish i had a bit more baggage allowance! Still I managed to get a stuffed record bag onto the plane with no worries. Brought back around 50 's and 30 's.

      Did you make it out to Rics when you where there?


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        Yeah he had a half priced sale on, pulled about 50 LP's from there alone. Post up your finds then.....

        Did you hook up with any of the Canadian diggers?


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          I'll post up a list soon as I get a mo'.

          I spent a whole day round Rics and the surrounding area - found another place heaving with vinyl just round the corner owned by the ex Canadian rugby coach!

          I hooked up with a load of diggers and dealers as there was a record show on whilst I was in Toronto. Met some really friendly guys there and some heavy diggers! Picked up lots of nice stuff, nothing too rare just a lot of stuff I've been after for a while and some nice discoveries too.


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            Cool, I'll look forward to drooling over your list!


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              ok so here's a few of my finds from Canada. Like I said, nothing too rare here but I'm glad I found em and of course the prices make it all worth it!

              12" and LPs

              Getting Through - A guide to better understanding the hard of hearing (Zenith)
              Pigmeat Markham - Here come the judge (Chess)
              Marlena Shaw - The Spice of Life (Cadet)
              H.P. Riot - untitled LP (Concept)
              Lord Buckley - Blowing his mind (and yours too) (Demon)
              Vanilla Fudge - The Beat goes on (Atco)
              Ike and Tina Turner - Sixteen Great Performances (Quality)
              Man Parrish - Man Parrish (Polydor)
              Buddy Rich - Big Swing face (WPJ)
              The Clash - Radio Clash (CBS)
              Bongo Drum Instruction by William Loughborough (folkways)
              Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun (RCA)
              Jimmy Castor Bunch - Phase Two
              Adventures in Rhythm - Ella Jenkins and her rhythm workshop (Scholastic)
              Dick Hyman - Moog (Polydor)
              Rasputin's Stash - untitled LP (cotillion)
              King Curtis - live at Filmore West (Atco)
              King Curtis - the best of (Atco)
              Perez Prado - This is Perez Prado (RCA)
              Steve Martin - Lets get small (Warner Bros)
              Gladys Knight and the Pips - I Heard it through the grape-vine! (keel)
              Man on the moon, Apollo II adventure (Columbia)
              Roberta Flack - First Take (Atlantic)
              Sly and the Family Stone - Stand (Epic)
              The Firesign Theatre - Not Insane (CBS)
              All time great bloopers, collected by Kermit Schafer (Brookville)
              Original Concept - Straight from the basement of Kooley High (Def Jam)
              Marley Marl - In Control Vol 1 (cold chillin)


              The J.B.s - The Grunt (King)
              The J.B.s - Hot Pants Road (People)
              Sly and the Family Stone - Sing a Simple Song (Epic)
              Toddlin' Town Sounds - It's Your Thing (Toddlin' Town)
              Mongo Santamaria - Cold Sweat (Columbia)
              Lyn Collins - Think (People)
              Lyn Collins - Baby Don't do it (people)
              The Isley Brothers - Get into something, Pt.1 (Buddah)
              Dennis Coff & the Lyman woodyard trio - It's Your Thing(Maverick)
              Michael LeGrair - Hustle on Down (Alaga)
              Soul Tornadoes - Funky Thang (Burt)
              Charlie Earland - Sing a Simple Song (Prestige)
              The Soul Searchers - We the People (Sussex)
              Yellow Magic Orchestra - Computer Game (Horizon)
              The Commodores - Machine Gun (Mowtown)
              Herbie Mann - Hijack (Atlantic)
              Betty Adams - Too Much Goin' on (Notes of Gold)
              steve Miller - Fly like an Eagle (Capitol)
              The Turtles - You Showed Me (White Whale)
              Rufus Thomas - The Funky Bird (Stax)
              Rufus Thomas - The Breakdown (Stax)
              Albert King - I'll Play the Blues for you (Stax)

              Flexi disc:
              National Geographic, Sounds of the Spage Age