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    saw this great documentary at the excellent Cube cinema last night - about a series of festivals in Canada in 1970, where the musicians involved travelled between shows on a private train together. Good concert footage and great jam sessions on the train (one coach had a full drum kit and hammond b-3 set up in it). Some very stoned people - always amusing. Bands on it are The Band, Grateful Dead (amazing version of 'New Speedway Boogie), Mashmakhan ( 'Coming Home Baby' &#33, Flying Burrito Brothers (post Gram Parsons, sadly), Buddy Guy (complete with guitar lead roadie) and Janis Joplin. I think it's on some sort of nationwide release - well worth a look!
    We know when a mate buys it for you too.

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    Gets my thumbs up too. Thought that the on train jam sessions were far superior to some of the live performances. Interesting to say the attitude of the audience to paying for concerts too - they kind of demanded that the concerts be free and when everyone said no they rioted. Bizarre.