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'trip with the teacher'

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  • wooly
    "underlying expectancy" is one of my favourites (as compiled on my "protect and survive" comp recently) and is by john cameron, from a kpm called "jazzrock". it was used in the sweeney as well.

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  • bionic boy
    started a topic 'trip with the teacher'

    'trip with the teacher'

    This film is on the horror channel at the moment. They're using 'That's Nice' by Alan Moorhouse extensibly ( I keep expecting Chesty Morgan to pop up and drop her blouse) and also 'Underlying Expectancy' (Alan Parker I think).
    The main music is credited to Igo Kanter who did the music for Vixen and other Russ Meyer films.
    As it's about a biker gang kidnapping a bus of high school girls there's bound to be some good actionmusic to come- no doubt courtesy of KPM and other libraries.