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Simply vinyl soundtracks reissues

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  • Simply vinyl soundtracks reissues

    I'm no expert on soundtracks, but in case it's of interest I was in the big HMV on Oxford St. today and they had loads of those Simply Vinyl reissues in the sale @ 2.99 each.

    "Salt and Pepper"; "The Knack"; "Mulberry Bush" "Electraglide in Blue" and others.

    They were putting out more while I was in there. Looked to me like they had maybe bought out the SV dead stock as a loss leader.

    Like I say no idea whether this is of interest but it might be worth a look if you likes that kind of thing...
    Endless Tripe

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    sweet! I'm down in Laaaaaaahndun today so will make a point of calling in - thanks for the tip-off SOS!
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