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Ebay sellers: weird messages from ebay users

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  • scriptfliper
    weird shit  
    some people should get a life!
    maybe introduce them to the delights of the VV board, might chill them out a bit!! (and make them realise its ok to like cheese!!&#33

    I had a couple of emails from people telling me I'd listed items incorrectly, really good that someone could be bothered to let me know!  

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  • taiconderoga
    started a topic Ebay sellers: weird messages from ebay users

    Ebay sellers: weird messages from ebay users

    I've always received weird messages but this time I'm freaking out:
    I've received some messages from some users who are all registered in Germany & have private feedback.
    One says that I should stop taking drugs & stop using words like 'dope', 'drum breaks", etc...
    Other, whose ebay id is 'kingdarius69' says that he thinks one of my records is an "overhyped third class hippie band"...
    I think it's amazing these people have the time and bother to send such messages to sellers...
    But that's nothing compared to a message I received one year ago from a guy who felt insulted because I use the word "cheesy" to describe some 70s disco 45s. He told me he was going to kill me!!