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  • East meets west (and other regions)

    Hello Vultures,

    I have been searcghing for many years those weird and elsuive lp's which include "traditional" folk instruments mixed with either jazz or rock groups.

    Currently I have the following

    Raga Rock - The Folkswingers (sitar)

    Great International Hits - Balsara and his Singing Sitars

    Sitar Beat - Big Jim Sullivan

    Rock Encounter - Sabicas with Joe Beck (flamenco)

    Pop Goes the Zither (can't remember who is on this one)

    Also have a 60's ep for an aussie kids show called "Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo" which features a groovy instrumental with digeridoo(!&#33

    I have heard about the John Berberian lp called Middle Eastern Rock featuring the oud which I have not got (but would love to get a copy).

    I am looking for similar stuff which features instruments such as Bouzouki; Balalaika; Accordion; koto; etc etc etc.
    Can anyone recommend any other lp's?

    David Soundsville
    God bless Fatso.

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    Eric Jupp did the skippy theme didn't he ?

    In terms of your question, I believe there is a yothu yindi 12" which features the didge, and there is some strange instrumentation on the various versions of John Sangsters 'kaffir song/theme' - this tune is on one of the Eric Jupp Lp's and also the Don Burrows live in Montreaux album


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      john berberian
      bill plummer
      phill woods


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        couple of earlier threads on this you can search for - one titled 'Eastern Mysticism' and the other about the Indo Jazzmen. both have several pages of recommendations (you may have already seen them or posted on them of course&#33


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          Middle Eastern Rock is one of the most incredible records I have. Seriously rate it. Can be expensive on ebay so dig around for it.

          I think there was a record by Joe Harriet called 'Hum Dono' which was nice indo-jazz. I think anyway.

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            also look out for &quot;jazz meets world&quot; on saba


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              Originally posted by [b
              Quote[/b] (pokester @ Oct. 14 2004,10:41)]also look out for &quot;jazz meets world&quot; on saba
              i know about Jazz Meets India and Jazz Meets Indonesia LPs on Saba - is that a comp from those LPs?

              any other countries that Mr Jazz met?


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                Yves Hyatt - Converstaions between East and West

                Also does the Dave Pike / Volker Kriegal stuff count?
                "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                  Originally posted by [b
                  Quote[/b] (LDJB @ Oct. 14 2004,11:24)]Also does the Dave Pike / Volker Kriegal stuff count?
                  Reckon so&#33;

                  And I&#39;d add my fave recent purchase Shocking Blue &#39;At Home&#39; (cover of &#39;Acka Raga&#39;, &#39;Love Buzz&#39;, &#39;The Butterfly And I&#39. Plus Gabor Szabo&#39;s &#39;Jazz Raga&#39;, and Bob Thiele&#39;s &#39;Light My Fire&#39;.
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                    got Gabor Szabo &#39;Bacchanal&#39; at the weekend - very nice, even tho track listing looks quite dodgy at first glance.

                    Orient Express - s/t
                    Ahmed Abdul-Malik - there&#39;s at least 3 middle-eastern/african LPs
                    Herbie Mann - Impressions of the Middle East + Whirling Dervishes, both very nice
                    Yusuf Lateef - Eastern Sounds

                    there&#39;s plenty of African-influenced jazz tracks - the 2 Blue Note &#39;Afro Blue&#39; CDs have some great stuff on for starters. and quite a few Blue Note albums around 1970 by McCoy Tyner and so on.

                    and you can;t forget Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, etc on Impulse...


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                      And you could always add Rufus Harley if you were daring enough to class the bagpipes as an ethnic instrument?&#33;

                      Lee would probably be able to point you in the direction of more sonic collisions with the caterwauling cacophony in a tartan sack.
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                        Thanks for all the recommendations, fellas.
                        I remember reading on a list somewhere that one of the Impulse records had the russian instrument called the balalaika on it, but can&#39;t remember which lp it is.

                        Phil Woods &quot;Greek Cooking&quot; is one of my fave lp&#39;s&#33;&#33;

                        God bless Fatso.


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                          anyone know what the Neil Ardley &#39;Greek Variations&#39; (?) is like?


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                            Originally posted by [b
                            Quote[/b] (soundsville @ Oct. 14 2004,14:42)]Phil Woods &quot;Greek Cooking&quot; is one of my fave lp&#39;s&#33;&#33;
                            yes nice lp &#33;


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                              les mogols is also nice