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  • G'day mate

    What's up peeps?  

    Yep, I'm in the land of Vegemite and Neighbours:- Melbourne.  It's nice down here, weather is a bit like a typical spring day in Brum but a bit more humid.  All the trams give it that lovely Blackpool feeling.  Now, wasn't there a post not so long ago about places to dig in Melbourne?  It must have got lost when the board changed over?  Reposts welcome!  If anyone wants any Tim Tams let me know and I'll bring some back  

    Laters doods!
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    Steady on mate - i'm from Melbourne myself... but i'm in India myself, hmmm. A Brit called Raj in Australia and an Aussie in India, sounds like the start of a bad joke.

    Ok, my fav places to dig:
    Bear in mind that 1. these are just off the top of my head and i can't quite remember the exact addy's, and 2. I haven't been home for a few months so possible minor changes . If you got any troubles drop me an email - I'll be home in a week or so and will be visiting all these places asap so if you need a guide.

    1. Northside Records.
    Gertrude St, Collingwood. In between Brunswick & Smith Sts
    Definately my fav so go here first. The owner is a really good bloke. Good selection of 45's and LP's all at low prices (compared to the UK anyway). He'll drop anything you want and would be happy to trade (I reckon).

    2. Raoul Records
    St Kilda. Go to the top of Acland St and turn right - it's just around the corner.
    Again nice owner/service you will get here. Pretty good product knowledge. Quite a few LP's and new funk (a little old) on consinement as well as plenty'o reissues.

    3. Record Fairs
    Usually held once/twice a month. Best place to source funk and soul 45's. Search out John Idem. He has lots of new and old funk, 45's are always in better con-dish than his LP's (he's a 45 man). Chris from Northside is usually there too, along with a whole host of others. Keep your eye on Beat or Impress (free street press) for details.

    4. Licorice Pie Records
    High St, Prahran, just off Chapel Street
    Pretty new shop. Nice owner, usually good selection of 45's and LP's, mostly funk but a bit of everything.

    5. Greville Records
    Greville St Prahran, just off Chapel Street
    Never have too much in the way of second hand stuff but good for reissues/new stuff. Cool independant, long-standing record store though. Ask the old guy to show you his 'Zuma' tattoo! (from the Neil Young Album cover). If you are interested in Hip-Hop pop around the corner to Obese Records, run by young hip-hoppers. They sometimes have good stuff, sometimes have shit, always have an attitude.

    6. Sister Ray Upstairs
    CD's downstairs, vinyl up, but rarely open - usually only Sunday afternoons. Again a bit hit-or-miss, with the emphasis on the miss aspect

    7. Second Spin (?)
    Swanston St, City
    Mostly dance/tech stuff but used to have a good hip-hip/disco/funk/random weird shit section but that changed just before I left so who knows whats going down now

    8. AuGoGo, somewhere in the City
    Reasonably large second hand section. Unfortunatly it has been there since it was released back in '42 but again have a squizz - never know what you might find. Mostly rock/indie stuff run by the young 'uns but ask the old guy who runs the second hand section for any specifics

    9. Dixons Recycled
    Chapel St, Prahran
    Brunswick St, Fitzroy
    Whitehorse Rd, Blackburn
    And some other places that I forget
    Shit, you never know what you might find... Mostly CD's but the Blackburn store can often have some OK 45's (a bit out of the way, unless visiting my parent's) and the Prahran may have some good Hip-hop/Dance 12's

    There is a bunch of others I just can't remember the specific address. That and I'm bored of writing. Have a look in the Yellow Pages I guess. But honestly the first four or five are easily the best places. Try out the local op-shops (charity shops) too. Dirt cheap and you never know whose Mum threw out what this week. Good if you are looking for cheap crockery for Grandma,too.

    Also check out PBS radio (106.7 FM) on Saturday between 4-6 (I think) - John Idem's show is easily the best funk show which proceeds Vince with the ace Soul Time (2-4). Johnny Topper hosts a program on 3RRR (102.7 FM) Wed between 2-4 and this is always worth a listen - lots of funky stuff mixed with interesting guests and whatever he found at the op-shop that week

    If you wanna know some good funk/soul nights, more rekkid stores or need a place to crash gimme a yell. But just don't take all the nice pieces before I get home, hey?


    P.S. don't get snide about Vegemite or Neighbours - I am craving Vegemite almost as much as my crates and I grew up only a suburb away from where they shoot that fucking show. I will brook no such pooh-pooh-ing


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      Wow, thanks ethan, that's a pretty definitive guide! I'll definitely check them out. Well as a lazy UK student I'm kinda obliged to visit Pine Oak Court or wherever it's filmed (even though I haven't watched Neighbours since I was 13), and for the record I'm a hardcore Marmite/Vegemite nut, high in B vitamins and electrolytes, making it the perfect post-pub grub. Hope you're having a great time in India, mate!
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        Already posted on Soulstrut, but again a big thanks to Hugh & Toast for the hospitality. Thanks for all the tips on places to dig. In the end I only had time to go to a few shops and I spend most of that in Northside. Thanks to Chris & John @ Northside for the lovely hook-ups (I probably allowed them to close up early for the weekend thanks to my spending&#33. I'll let people know about the lovely heat I grabbed when I get back.
        A ECOUTER FORT, INVITEZ VOS VOISINS!"Hear this disc loud. Squat your neighbours' ears"