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    I've got a couple of those dodgy session lp's with psych tracks on them, and thought i'd put you all to the test, to see how many other dodgy session versions of psych tracks there are out there, i'll start the ball rolling.

    16 chart hits vol ? has a version of tomorrow's my white bicycle on it.

    20 top hits from the 60's has left banke's walk away rene on it.

    and there's also a totp's lp with a hendrix track on it.

    over to you guys (this will keep lord thames busy)
    I want to go to the land of ooog!

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    Too right!

    Some of the following are pretty borderline, but I'm including anything a bit way-out, or stuff that has phasing in it (and I'll include blatant commercial cash-ins too):

    Penny Lane (MFP Hits 67)
    Alternate Title (MFP Smash Hits)
    Lazy Sunday (Marble Arch Chartbusters)
    Voodoo Chile (Best of TOTP 1970)
    In My Chair (some TOTP LP, can't remember which one - PeteQuoFan'll know&#33
    The Laughing Gnome (12 Tops)

    I know there are some more - I'll have to check out all those late 60s Marble Arch Chartbusters LPs I've got!


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      I have a superb one but I'm keeping it for the time being as it'll probably be on my Xmas mix. I've said too much already.


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        Oooh - interesting!


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          cheers lord thames, i knew you wouldn't let me down, keep em coming.
          I want to go to the land of ooog!