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    Just read a review of Sandie Shaw's reissued 'Reviewing The Situation' album. It sounds amazing...anyone heard it/own it? Worth getting? I'll have to stick to the reissue CD judging by the prices it seems to go for...

    And while we're on the subject, any other Sandie recommendations?

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    It's a great LP all round. Great versions of Sympathy for the devil, Your time is gonna come and Reviewing the situation is amazing - who would have thought the track from Oliver would make a good funktrack?? I'm REALLY after the 45 of this.
    The only other good thing I've heard by her is the route 66 LP (Sandie Shaw supplement).
    The story with Reviewing is something like she wanted more creative control after years of eurovision shite and 'Reviewing' was the result. Apparently Pye & the critics hated it so much that Pye withdrew it after a few weeks of poor sales and that's why it's so rare. I'm sure the proper story's on line somewhere.


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      mad record..........her best.........and hard to find in good condition.......unlaminated gatefold sleeve with thin cardboard so when it does turn up it's usually knackered..........sold my copy a while back and only seen one for sale since.......reissue has got to be a good move......


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        it's certainly a great lp. the title track is awesome! i got mine for free, it was part of a radio station collection and the front cover was stuck to the back so the gatefold was permanently open. turns out it was just a sticker on the back that was holding it, but the store must have figured part of the cover was missing, hence it being in the free bin. their loss, my gain!


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          im after one have only heard the tittle track"reviewing the situation".the supplement has a cover of "satisfaction"on it,it got a budget release on marble arch too.did the other one cause im still after it?


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            I've got a beat up copy of 'Supplement' on Pye. Not worth paying more than pence for imo. Not a bad version of Satisfaction and Route 66 but very little else - I bought it for the quality sleeve design (photo of Sandie on rear in bizarre golden crocheted bikini)!


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              Originally posted by [b
              Quote[/b] (Xavier_Blake @ Oct. 20 2004,18:02)]I bought it for the quality sleeve design (photo of Sandie on rear in bizarre golden crocheted bikini)!
              Rather strangely recreated almost perfectly in the 1991 Kylie calendar.....
              Matt Hero