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    you probably all ready know this, jonny trunk has released psychomania ost on CD, (the film is a brit horror biker movie) i've played my copy tonight and it's awesome, it's a mix of jazz, funk, psych, wah wah, weird wordless singing & a lot of the tracks sound like bullet (hanged man) if you haven't all ready got it, i'd advise you to get it, if you send jonny £10 cash, with a note (inc your address and the phrase 'broom broom broom' on it he'll send you the CD, or contact him via his website.
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    amazing stuff. this has been our soundtrack to cooking dinner for the past two months (along with confidentbob's "down & to the left" mix). the psychomania tracks are classic john cameron all the way.


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      is the flick any good? ive seen a cheapo 4-films-in-one dvd with this and 3 others for a fiver or summat, gotta be worth a punt...

      was the OST ever on vinyl release/library or is this an exclusive cd of Jonny's?


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        The ost was never released on lp - only a 45 was issued - which I have now have. hurrah - cheers benjy

        The film is brilliant! Frog worshipping cults and bikers that kill themselves so they can ride 'beyond the grave'.

        I havent seen it in years - but it deffo falls into the 'so hammy its good' category. Its actually out on dvd. I'll get it asap and rip it when I get the chance. <- Changed URL


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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] ]The film is brilliant&#33; Frog worshipping cults and bikers that kill themselves so they can ride &#39;beyond the grave&#39;.
          Oh I&#39;ve seen this a couple of times I think. Does it have some guy playing an accoustic guitar and singing some folky song during the opening credits (or closing credits)? And bikers riding around some ancient stone circle in slooooow motion? And Beryl Reid?


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            Folky man is in there somewhere. So is beryl reid.

            A bit of googling led me to this excellent link&#33;

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              Cheers sermad. That brings it all back. The UK certainly made some great cheesy horror stuff in the seventies. I&#39;m still waiting to see Dracula 1972AD (I think it was called that) again.


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                Whilst at the Other Cinema on Rupert Street last week to see a rather dark and scary UK indie called The Last Great Wilderness I noticed they have a wickedly weird film season beginning this Friday called Weird World Cinema and as part of this they are screening Psychomania. They also feature Jigoku live in the theatre. I&#39;m thinking of checking the movie as I&#39;ve not seen it since it was screened on BBC2 years back.
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                  I still have it on video from when BBC 2 showed it a few years ago...class&#33;
                  We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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                    I was told about a showing of psychomania with a band - something to do with the cherrystones geezer? Whats the exact place and date mate?

                    theres got to be a launch party for the lp as well? I await mr trunks response and I&#39;ll post it up here.
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                      25/05/03 BANDIDOS (AKA GUNS OF DEATH) 3PM

                      THE INSOLENT 5PM

                      PYSCHOMANIA 7PM

                      Check their site for more info.


                      Are you up for the screening?
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                        The live bit:


                        SUPERCHICK 3PM

                        THE NIGHT EVELYN ROSE FROM THE GRAVE
                        (AKA THE NIGHT SHE ROSE FROM THE TOMB) 7PM

                        JIGOKU PERFORMANCE 1045PM
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                          ok I spoke to jonny trunk. That was sposed to be the press launch for psychomania reissue - john cameron was going to go etc etc...but the sponsorship didnt come through so all those plans were canned.

                          The film *is* on. But not on thursday - on Sunday night 7pm. I might be around london but I might also be booting in deepest darkest south east - roll on the bank holiday
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                            Tried to order a vinyl copy from the Trunk site but it doesn&#39;t seem to exist    - am I too early or too late?

                            Can any of youse London geezers secure me an LP copy - I&#39;ll square you up sharpish  
                            "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                              Saw mr Trunk at the record fair today - the very nice man gave me a cd copy. Its pretty bloody mad and good&#33;

                              Vinyl isn&#39;t ready - Maybe a couple of weeks - I&#39;ll shout when I get one.
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