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    This may be a stupid question, but here goes. A month or two ago, I picked up the record shown at the one & only car boot sale I have had an opportunity to visit this year.  I bought it only because it had a version of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ on it.

    I am though keen to know more about it & my initial research has been in vain & having lurked for a bit on this board, I reckon this is as good a place as I can find to get some info.  Has anyone come across this before, have any info on it? (who recorded it etc & did I overpay @ 50p&#33

    Title: Disco Two
    Label: Windmill (UK)
    Catalogue: WMD 218
    Year: 1974

    Side 1
    Dancing On A Saturday Night
    Nutbush Citiy Limits
    Honky Tonk Women
    Big Seven

    Side 2
    Also Sprach Zararhustra
    One And One Is One
    Could It Be IÂ’m Falling In Love
    Brother Louie
    Cum On Feel The Noize

    Cheers, Warren

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    Never seen this one, actually, but I have seen 'Disco One' (and to my shame, I never bought it&#33 Disco Two's got the better cover though!

    To the best of my knowledge this is basically the same recordings as featured on Windmill's 'Parade Of Pops' cover version LPs. The lead vocal on 'Superstition' is (I think) by session man Martin Jay, who probably also plays guitar on it.


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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (Lord Thames @ Oct. 22 2004,22:25)]To the best of my knowledge this is basically the same recordings as featured on Windmill's 'Parade Of Pops' cover version LPs.
      ah, so the '2001' might be the same (great) version as on the Windmill LP and on the SGA one?

      i think i said there's what appears to be an alternative take on Hot Hits 18 as well.


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        I think the Windmill and SGA are different versions (I'll have to check, though&#33 I found the Avenue 2001 recently, and that's a good 'un too, a bit slower and funkier than usual.


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          Hey Warren..........i actually saw that lp in a box somewhere the other day.......scanned the tracklising quickly and put it back in box........didn't notice Superstition was there.......must've been having a bad is the version any good?........drum break intro or no?


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            Drum break - yes, but a bit different.

            The clavinet part is played on guitar......interesting!


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              Originally posted by [b
              Quote[/b] (platerpus @ Oct. 23 2004,13:20)]Superstition ........drum break intro or no?
              have a listen...snippet of the intro below  



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                I have that version of 'Superstition' on an album called 'Summer Highlights/Quiet Touch' which is a promotional record for Clairol Quiet Touch. It's a nice version. The break's fat and the tracks quite rocky. I was pleased to find it.

                Also I have or at least had a copy of 'Disco One'. It's has 'Standing In The Road' on it with a nice break but I can't recall anything else to get excited about.