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  • You know you're obsessed when....

    I bought yet another Humble Pie LP on Saturday (my 8th) but the stupid thing is I don't think they're that good.

    Now I love Groovin' with Jesus and a couple of others but really its mostly pub rock, if I'm brutally honest. So why do I keep on buying them?

    Is it because Marriot was in the Small Faces and I feel I should continue with the connection even though they're not a patch on the Small Faces?

    I wouldn't mind if I was paying a couple of quid but it's £7/£8/£9 everytime I buy one.

    Come to think of it I've even got their CD box set!

    Anyone else kinda stuck in the same rut with buying an artists entire catolog even though they're not that much of a fan.
    (and I don't mean James Last/Mueller etc or anything else that just costs pence).
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    I know the feeling - if I buy one LP by an artist, I feel compelled to buy the rest of them even if there's only about one track in their entire output I think is any cop!

    Having said that, most of the artists I do collect are in the Last/Muller bracket........