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Rare soul brother '45s - prices anyone ?

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  • Rare soul brother '45s - prices anyone ?


    I am possibly going to purchase some '45's off a mate. Unfortunately he has no idea what they're worth. . .so I was trying to get some idea about prices on a few of them. Most I've found elsewhere, but a few are quite elusive.

    If anyone could give me some idea as to their true worth, that would be grand. . . (all are US original issues in VG+ to EX shape, and play fine).

    The ones I couldn't find any info on are:

    Brother Soul - Train Song Pts 1 and 2 on JanJon

    Fabulous Counts - Rhythm Changes / Pack of Lies on Westbound

    Brother Soul - Cookies / Do It Good on Leo Mini from 1974

    Willard Posey Reunion - Medley: Cissy Strut / American Woman on Fame from 1972 (Have this on a Keb Darge comp, so I presume it's sought after?)

    Token psych '45: World of Oz - Like a Tear / Willow's Harp on Ozzie Deram DMA-8688 - UK one books for £12 in the 2002 book. . presume this is still realistic ?

    The ones I found prices for were:

    Funky Munk - Theme from Life / Don't Blame Me on Triple O -  $9.99

    D Minor Vamp- - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow on DTD - Jazzman has one for £15.00.

    Mighty Chevelles - Bus Stop - one was recently sold on Craig Moerer for $18.00, can't find any more on the 'net.

    Flamingos - Dealin' - Groovin' With The Feeling - from $6.00 to $8.00

    Deacons - Sock it To Me on Shama - $15.00

    Zip-Codes - Sweet Meat - on Better Records - One on the Jazzman page for £15. . .

    Earnest Jackson - Hogwash - Stone Records -£10.00

    Grant Green - The Battle - Blue Note - £8 (from Final Comedown OST)

    Rimshots - Concerto in F - $11.00

    Any info would be greatly appreciated, as I don't want to rip the feller off (he just traded me a copy of Apres Ski, which I couldn't find on the 'net and now see is at the ludicrous Recordkingz for £200. . . and on top of that he gave me a copy of the Kink's "Arthur" album, which is rather outstanding).

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    I'd say the only one worth something on that list is the Posey - about £55 I'd say. It's gone way higher than that on ebay before, but from trusted sellers that suburban, ignorant as hell, soul strutting American 'hip hop into funk' kids stick with, thus get into bidding wars... Dunno about the psych one - looks interesting, but all the others are cheapies, about £5 a pop. And don't forget this is buying from a mate, not a shop, so it should always be cheaper. I wouldn't quote market values if selling a 45 to a friend, especially not Moerer or Jazzman or even recordkingz!


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      And the 'Cookies' 45 on Leo has got up to £75 in the past. I'ld say more like £40 now, even though I absolutely loath that record.

      It's a staple funk record, I guess, but not in my box.


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        Oops, missed that one!


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          Thanks very much for the info, guys.

          I guess I'll try and buy most of them from him at about a fiver each or thereabouts, and will advise him to stick the Posey and Brother Soul onto the 'bay.

          Actually I was quite impressed that these records are all considered "cheapies", as I thought most of them were really good !! I was under the impression that funk '45s were often ludicrously expensive, but it's quite tempting to join the game if great little tunes like Funky Munk's "Don't Blame Me" can be had so cheaply.

          Do you chaps have any other reccomendations/ sites where I could read up on other low-budget funky delights ???


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            isn't the Brother Soul 'train song' worth a bit? Trouble used to play it and I'm sure I've seen it for £100 a few times


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              Originally posted by [b
              Quote[/b] (mik @ Oct. 26 2004,21:53)]isn't the Brother Soul 'train song' worth a bit? Trouble used to play it and I'm sure I've seen it for £100 a few times
              Yeah, Train Song is at least £75, maybe £100, Stirland & Nob end both used to spin it


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                Cobblers. That's another one I can't afford then !

                Just ordered a copy of the Masai - Across The Tracks on Contempo for about a tenner.

                Hope it's worth it. . . hmm.

                Was browsing the infernal Record Kingz and noted that the Assassin OST 7" by Zack Laurence is going for £125 there. . .rather regretting selling mine for £25 now. It's not particularly great though. . . not much of a musical loss.


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                  Well. . .I remember seeing it in the book for £40, but I'm not sure what it exactly goes for. I'm very naive about 45 prices, which is why I was clueless about the Brother Soul records.

                  More into OST's and stuff really. . .but then most of the stuff I know about OST's has been garnered from Ed's page ! Still, I have managed to score a couple of interesting and obscure OST's (The Assassin and Apres Ski) which seem to be relatively unknown.

                  As for funk '45s, I went through my friend's collection and yanked out all the ones with interesting titles on obscure labels. . seems to be a pretty good method of sniffing out the good 'uns. I listened to some clips on last night and there's some amazing stuff out there I've never heard. . .unfortunately the prohibitively high prices and lack of (cheap) rare funk 7" in Laaandun or places for digging them (plus my 2.5k credit card debt) is deterring me from getting a habit. Actually the Masai one didn't sound that great to me. . .will have to give it a listen when it arrives (hopefully tomorrow). Found it on GEMM, of all places. . .

                  Still, my record collection is a fair size. .. might have to try and muscle in on a local club nnight set up by the folks at work. . .