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    Here's one for our Arctic friends...

    who the bloody hell is Terje Rypdal??? picked up his 'Bleak House' LP on Karrousell for a couple of quid at my local shop and it does have its moments as he tries to decide whether he wants to be Wes Montgomery or Carlos Santana, and in the end decides on Robert Fripp...a while back i got one his this chap's later LP's and it was most shite...any clues out there for others??

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    When I used to work at Tower Records as a Jazz buyer, New Note (the distribution firm) used to ply me with stacks of promos if his work on ECM.

    He became a bit of a mainstay for the ECM label and any album that was new by him, was always guaranteed a bit of a push. have a solid page on the fella, including pic sleeves and stuff.

    The later stuff was far to 'noodley/wanky/atmospheric wanky (delete as appropriate) for my liking, though.


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      by the looks of the discog on AMG, 'Bleak House' is probably as close as Mr Rypdal got to grooviness then!

      (is this the time to state how utterly USELESS the AMG discogs usually are???)

      i am quite partial to the odd ECM album, but listening to them all day must have been a bit of a grind Belson! oof!!!


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        rypdal's a bit of a name for diggers up in Norway. teddy rosso and funky t will certainly be able to tell us more...
        Chops for show, groove for dough.


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          Rypdal's LP 'Whenever I seem to be Far Away' on Polydor/ECM from '74 is worth a go if you have a liking for open plan music!
          There is a sample on here that Ian Simmonds used for his wicked experimental dancefloor jazz joint Ice Waltz released a few years back. I would'nt pay more than a fiver for this and that's probably over its value, but there are some who swear by this stuff. I would have to agree with Belson, it all gets a little too noodly for me after 30 minutes.
          I was raised by wolves


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            the shop also had one with a blue cover from 74...would that be it??? i passed at the time, settling for just bleak House', but for the glorious sum of £2.25 i just might have a dabble...


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              ......that sounds like the one, good luck!
              I was raised by wolves


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                Looks like you got a damn good price on that 'Bleech house'
                From Norwegian dealers it can fetch prices up to £50, even for the second issue on karusell. I've never seen the original issue. A funny story is a friend of mine wanted to issue one of the tracks of bleech house on the second instalment of the maiden voyage comp. So he called up Terje and asked him if he could use the cut with Jan Garbarek on flute and re-edit it the track so Terje's vocal contributions was removed.  Terje said “NOPE” And click, he hang up


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                  he comes across as a cheery chap with all that never-ending droney stuff! oh what fun! imagine being the tape-op in the studio as Terje goes for the 50th take.....zzzzzzzzz


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                    the album "terje rypdal" from '71 on ECM (1016 ST) is bloody good though, because of a track called "keep it like that - tight" which builds from almost nothing and contains a very very nice break.