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  • Contemporary brazilian music

    Has anyone else been watching BBC4's 'City of Men' (spin-off from 'City of God&#39?

    If not, I can heartily recommend it. Not as good as the film, but not much is.

    Anyway, this week's episode was set at a 'Funk Dance' in the favela and I thought, "Ooh, funk dance, now we'll hear some tunes!", only to find that their interpretation of 'funk' wasn't what I expected! The music used was kind of rubbish HipHop and not much cop.

    Now, I've always been partial to 'a bit of Brazilian' (Rich?) and would have thought that with their tradition and the lineage of great stuff to use as influences, modern Brazilian music would be pretty good. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places. So, does anyone know of any good, contemporary Brazilian stuff?


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    shed loads of great 'new' brazilian stuff out there........some of the braz hiphop is kinda ok too........will try to dig out some names later........gotta do some work now.......


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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (Benicio Del Toffo @ Oct. 29 2004,09:13)]Now, I've always been partial to 'a bit of Brazilian' (Rich?)...
      You rang, m'lud?

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        Certainly plenty of good Brazillian stuff around.  

        Try starting off with the Far Out Recordings & Trama record labels (links below).  Then get yourself some recent copies of the Straight no Chaser magazine…always plenty of recommendations in there.  

        trama records
        Far Out Recordings


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          Stuff to look out for from the last few years:

          Ed Motta
          Jair Oliveira
          Paula Lima
          Bebel Gilberto
          Leandro Lehart (1st release only)
          Wilson Simoninha
          Max de Castro
          Vanessa da Mata

          Most things on the Trama label, and look out for a CD of new Soul & Hip Hop flavoured tunes from Brazil due out shortly on Rainycity Records from Manchester.
          Mark GV Taylor