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  • Mr bongo rip!

    Don't know if this is common knowledge or not but went to Bongos today for the first time for months only to find a party going on inside and all records on sale for a £1.

    It turns out that the owner, who is apparently a millionaire, has no interest in continuing the shop, especially as the landlords have just tripled their rent!

    Anyway tomorrow is the last ever day. From 4pm onwards there is an instore party featuring Rodney P and other artists. Not sure if I'm going to make it but if anyones up for it then post on here or drop me a pm and I may try to make it.

    I've bought so many records off those guys back from when Kev Beedle and Huw used to run the shop out of their old location. To be honest I've not bought a record off them for a while but its still sad that they're going. Actually that's a lie, I bought 3 copies of Terry Callier live from them today!!

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    BongoÂ’s closing!!!Wow I just presumed itÂ’ll be around forever, and while I admit Iv hardly bought anything from there in years (due to there being a good shop here in Plymouth) I still have fond memories of the place and its sad to see it go.
    I have fond memories of the old shop I used to spend ages in there looking through the old school hip hop 12’s (which weren’t actually that old then, but they seemed it at the time) and listening to the guys behind the counter talk about ‘breaks’ and stuff . It was mad, I mean this was pre-internet and it was just me by myself down here in Plymouth and sad as it might sound a trip to Bongos was like going to NY or something (again I think you had to live in a backwater like Plymouth to feel this impact).

    Am I right in saying that Bongos started in a basement in Berwick Street? If so I bought a Meters 7inch in there, thought I was cool as hell!!


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      Yes Mr Bongo used to be in the old basement where Vinyl Junkies recently moved out of, a certain Mr John Cooper used to work for him before Kev Beadle.
      Mark GV Taylor