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  • Weekend finds

    heres my weekend gits

    was Absolute Elsewhere originaly on WB??????

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    Absolute Elsewhere was originally on "Bomb", a Canadian label. But the WB pressing is what you'll mostly see.

    Nice scoop on the afro-harping.


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      word, yea this one is on bomb, all the copies i see on the internet are on WB so i thought this was some sort of reish or somethin.

      yea thats my second copy of Afro Harping


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        If you want to trade the dupe drop me an email. I need one desperately.


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          Nice records The Mack, as always

          My finds on Saturday after going to a market, a record fair, charity shops and record shops:

          1) Lee Dorsey-Ride You Pony (Stateside) Wanted this for years and thought I'd finally got a nice copy for £15. Unfortunately record is scratched so I will be returning it to the dealer.

          2) Manfred Mann Chapter 3 (Vertigo) Thanks to Vulture Chris for knocking the dealer down a few quid to £7 as it has some marks and a damaged cover. Really nice stuff and now I need the second Vertigo LP.

          3) Ocean-PYHITH (Kama Sutra) Have so many covers of this song thought I'd but the original, or is it not?

          4) Some 25p bits ie 50 TV Themes LP and a few bits of second hand Hip Hop off Kidsaer.

          And there you have the real world of record buying in the North East of England. Lots of effort and not much in return!
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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (Campag Record @ Oct. 31 2004,16:42)]2) Manfred Mann Chapter 3 (Vertigo) Thanks to Vulture Chris for knocking the dealer down a few quid to £7 as it has some marks and a damaged cover. Really nice stuff and now I need the second Vertigo LP

            you noe you want give me this mate!


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              Traded in a pile of stuff that nobody on Ebay has wanted for the following:

              Funk Inc - ST

              Jimmy Castor - It's Just Begun

              Breakwater - ST

              Afrique - Soul Makossa

              Galt Macdermot conducts Two Gentleman of Verona

              Also found one charity LP: Mike Batt - Batt Tracks


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                Only started picking up funk 45s a year or so ago, so still buying the value-for-money classics.  These cheapies were bought at today's London Record fair:

                Alvin Cash - Keep On Dancing (Toddlin' Town)
                - spare, available for trade
                The Commodores - Keep On Dancing (Atlantic)
                Tyrone Davis - Is It Something You've Got (Dakar)
                - as recommended by Nick Cope as one of is favourite funky cheapies a few months ago on the Funk 45 board...nice one Nick!  
                Senor Soul - It's Your Thing (Whiz)
                Lyn Collins - Rock Me Again & Again.... (People)
                The JB's - Gimme Some More (People)
                The Meters - Stretch Your Rubber Band / Groovy Lady (Josie)

                Also bought a copy of the new Nicola Conte 'Other Directions' LP on Schema/Bluenote...ideal Sunday afternoon jazz!


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                  Was this at the tuc?
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                    I found one of these at the booter today and thought &#39;nah - it&#39;ll be shit&#39; and grabbed some other BBC theme tune 45s instead e.g. Likely Lads, Ricochet.


                    There&#39;s a slim possiblity it might be there again next week as it was a regular stall holder but I still reckon it&#39;ll sound shit&#33;
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                      Originally posted by [b
                      Quote[/b] (Warren @ Oct. 31 2004,22:10)]The Commodores - Keep On Dancing (Atlantic)
                      cheapie? nice&#33;
                      We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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                        heres what i found today


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                          Weekend was pretty good to me.

                          Traded a copy of Iggy &amp; Stooges &quot;Metallic KO&quot; for a Canadian copy of Manu Dibango&#39;s &quot;O Boso&quot;. . .

                          At the car boot, found a cheesy spoken word relaxation record, a decent copy of Morricone&#39;s Moses OST, a hammered Spencer Davis 7&quot;, and a sleevesless yet mint sitar LP on MFP. Realised I&#39;d wasted my money on a load of old crap as usual.

                          Things brightened up after I scored a couple of earthenware vases for 50p a pop from the charidee shop (which soothes the wife a bit).

                          In the final charity shop stop of the day, the gods awarded me with (finally&#33;&#33 a decent record in the shape of a mint UK &quot;Cross and the Switchblade&quot; for a quid &#33; Nice.


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                            Went to a noted out of town record shop which has been recomended and it was closed but I endedup going to a small market where there was a records stall liberally stacked with chuff from amongst which I pulled:

                            Linda Lewis - Lark
                            Sam Gopal - Escalator (not in great shape so the price was a reasonable €8 - its crackly but plays well ok)
                            MFSB - Philadelpia
                            V/A - Charisma Keyboards (Bon Hanson, Nice, Genesis, Van Der RGaff etc)
                            Steely Dan - FM 7&quot;
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                              Went to a booter on Sunday, there&#39;s one record dealer there. Before I go see him, I go around the market and realise that there are no other records on the entire booter ... grr&#33;

                              So, off to see the dealer, I&#39;m ready for a haggle and I manage to get him to sell me a copy of Barry&#39;s &quot;Game Of Death&quot; soundtrack, Japanese Tam OG pressing, for 15 quid.

                              ... as you&#39;d expect, every scrap of detail on the label is written in Japanese. Apart from the catalogue number...

                              ... which, when I double check it upon arrive back home, doesn&#39;t match. Bugger. It&#39;s the wrong Tam LP (more of a Lee OST comp, still good, but not G.O.Death) ... So, back to the booter, 10 mile round trip, I go to get my refund &#33; ( which the guy did, so no probs, apart from the general feeling of      by myself for not checking at the time )

                                   ... that&#39;s what happens when you buy records when still half asleep &#33;  
                              If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.