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    So i'm looking for a new mixer, something thats good to scratch on and mix.
    mines well wooooorn out as it's about 15+ years old now !
    nothing to expensive mind, any suggestions ?
    definatly don't want to spend no more then 100 notes on it.

    sorry to bring up an old topic again but i really am stuck as
    what to buy.
    Whats you're style ?

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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]definatly don't want to spend no more then 100 notes on it.
    If you did part with an extra 50 you could get yourself a real bargain at the minute!
    Stantons SK2F ltd edition is a really great mixer, used to retail at £300 but their replacing it with a newer model & have stopped making it. Check the ads in the back of DJ mag, I saw it in there last month.
    Basicly its a copy of vestax's 07 mixer, it has an optical fader so it shouldnt wear out & is super loose! + It's got curve adjustment so you can use it for plain ole mixin!

    I paid £250 for one and wasn't dissapointed (and i regularly use the 07, which is a £600 scratch mixer&#33

    hope thats some help for ya.


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      Thanks for the tip i shall definatly look into that.

      Whats you're style ?