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    I found a second hand shop yesterday in a back street in Gran Canaria. It's full of fairly battered Swedish and Norwegian stuff from the mid 60s to 70s. In the half hour I had before they shut I pulled out Alice Babs' 67 album and a couple of Lill Lindfors lps. Im going back tomorrow to look at the 45s, but Im a bit worried, having spotted some German schlager nestling among the Hootenanny Singers eps.
    Can anyone recommend Scandinavian artists to look out for? I passed over loads of lps, not having a clue who all these Ulfs and Nils were.

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    Gimmicks! Especially the "In Acapulco" one, with California Soul. There's a spanish issue of this as well..but it might be under a different name.


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      Bit of a coincidence, I just received Pugh "Ja, Da a Da" through the post today and I'm listening to it at the moment, amazing album it is too, not just because of the Shadow sampled drum break. Definitely recommended.


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        ...also I have a book "Stora Popboken", a detailed history of Swedish pop and rock from1954-1969. It's in Swedish but if you need any info on anything that might be in there I can try and translate if it's any help!


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          Thanks, Ill keep you posted. I saw a bunch of Merrit Hemmingson stuff too, but no Afro Temple as yet.
          ARE there any good German schlager? I waded through miles of that stuff in Germany but none of it appeared to possess any redeeming qualities whatsoever.


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            Check out if you can find:

            Swedish stuff:
            Rune Gustaffson -Plays Stevie Wonder
            Rune Gustaffson -at the top (california soul)
            Rune Gustaffson -out of my bag

            The Gimmicks -Kom igjen! (killer swedish version of "people make the world go around&quot

            Häx Mjølk -......can't remember the title..
            (Quality swedish jazz-funk, sounds like some ill herbie hancock funk)

            Norvegian stuff:

            Frode Tingnæs -Wheels
            Frode Tingnæs Quintet -Direct to dis©h
            Eolen -s/t  (Norveigian afro jazz)

            I got more titles, but I don't remember them now :-)


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              of course there's pop workshop , mamba , sabu , and lind:h to look for


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                And if you're really lucky, Staffan Abeleen - Sweet Alva. Unless of course, you wanna drop it off at my place and take your pick of trades.

                Good luck mate! Gran Canaria? You never can tell.................................
                it's time for some heartbeats


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                  I just did a little list on soulstrut, some audioclips and coverpics:
                  Nutsons Ish list