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Hf&s thurs nov 11: guest dj tobias kirmayer

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  • Hf&s thurs nov 11: guest dj tobias kirmayer

    Thursday Nov 11, DJs Nick.C & guest: Tobias Kirmayer (Tramp Records, Munich)
    Hot, Funky & Sweaty. Every Thursday at The Salmon & Compass, 58 Penton St (corner of Penton & Chapel Mkt), Angel, London N1. 8pm-2am. £2/£3 with band, free before 9pm. Info: 020 7837 3891.

    Making the trip over from Germany, with a brand new rare soul/funk compilation on Perfect Toy Records to promote, Tobias Kirmayer makes his HF&S debut. Tobias has been a well known mover on the European funk and soul scene for a fair few years now. Along with his regular, Munich based night, Soul Popcorn, Tobias has been busy releasing funk 45s on his Tramp Records imprint, including unreleased material from The Poets of Rhythm and his latest - a legit re-issue of Nothin' But A Party by The Blenders! Apart from those fortunate enough to own this scarce release on Cobra, you need this and you need this bad!

    Learn more about Tobias and Tramp records here:
    And his new compilation here:

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    Is anyone planning to come down for this? Not to put any guilt trips on, but I think from next year, after a Jan break so the Salmon can build the extra floor above, I'm gonna reduce the live acts to just once per month, get that promoted and just do the other three Thursdays myself, with a couple of regular guest DJs... It's a more boring format, but attendance's are dropping off and in some cases, the bar is actually losing money. But if we can hang on til April, the official release date of the LP, then it might get going again. They'll be some regular appearances by 'name' DJs that can do the funk thing and pull in punters, but it won't be like it's been this year and the one before. HF&S has had the UK's best bands and DJs several times over, plus a few from overseas too and all for £2/3 a pop. What more can one do?

    The night can't sustain all this without getting bigger crowds and more support. So until it picks up and gets real busy all of the time, it's gonna have to be a reduced version. Of course it would help if I weren't constantly denied flyers dammit! I'm a poor man and can't afford to do my own!

    Anyhow, come down and meet Tobias. He's a nice and friendly chap.


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      Bro, if I was in London I'd totally be a regular.

      I see a lot of great gigs round here get lacklustre attendence too - the slackness bothers me, I blame television.

      So anyway all you dudes who don't have the excuse of a 10,000 kilometre cab ride (or whatever it is), do what the man says. Not because you ought to, but because it'll be bloody decent.

      NO, LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!&#3 3;!