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Sleeve repairing techniques

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  • Sleeve repairing techniques

    I found today a bunch of Verve records from the flea. Records and sleeves are mint, but those are German press which isn't with the really thick cardboard gatefold sleeve.

    The glue has lost it's grip over the years and was wondering what kind of glue would be the best for repairing? I have the plastic sleeves for all my records and that fix the things a bit, but I hate the thing when you try to put records back to into sleeve and it goes wrong all the time...

    Does anyone have any other usefull tips or tricks how to repair or maintain old sleeves?

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    yeah - double sided tape, works like a dream
    cut it to size, put it on, remove the 'top' bit & press hard

    sleeves with a semi gloss finish often spruce up nicely when given a wipe too


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      To repair sleeves.. I recommend "Loctite Super Glue - with brush". I've used this for ages and it really is perfect. Some glues don't work on paper / cardboard. Make sure you get the version 'with brush'. Oh.. and it's VERY STRONG. Watch the fingers. Basically, apply glue, hold in place for about 10 seconds, HEY PRESTO !!!  It will last for years ::


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        personally, a good old fashioned Pritt Stick* applied to both edges then held together for a minute or two has always got the job done for me - clean, easy & at least as secure as the original glue used by the manufacturers...

        *warning - have tried using the various cheap Pritt-Stick copyist brands on occasion, and they don't have the consistency or life-span of the real thing. Pay the extra for the original and best!
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