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    I've decided that my records have got totally out of hand and, as I am planning to move in the new year, I have embarked on a major clear out.

    I've been sorting sorting stuff into "keep", "sell" and, "charity shop" piles using the criterion of whether I will ever listen to it again.

    Even so, the "keep" pile is still bigger than I had hoped and I find myself hanging on to things for reasons other than that I actually like the record. Also, loads of records which are okay but I wouldn't really miss.

    I need to make more progress with this. Can anyone suggest a better way of going about it?
    Endless Tripe

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    I have difficulty with this as well, and I force myself to refocus on whether I really like the record or not.
    Forget about everything else - rarity, or whatever - and and ask yourself is there something on this record I will return to?

    If you can't do this, I'd put the questionable ones in a 4th pile - records I am not yet ready to get rid of. Hopefully this pile is not too large.....

    Good luck.


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      I find the only way that works for me is to keep doing it as a continuous process, so records are as often departing as arriving, and nothing's ever *that* much of wrench when you've got new LPs to play in the place of those you're selling/giving away etc - so one thing that really helps is to put together, say, a pile of nice-but-nothing-special LPs, nice-sleeve-but-mediocre LPs, LPs that complete a 3 or 4 LP set by an artist who only made two you actually listen to, and other like vinyls (one-trackers whose moments of glory you've already got on comps etc) and then just think of the really decent things you could trade in those 25 or 30 dust-catchers for...  

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        Im getting to this point, but I don't really have any answers.

        The biggest headache for me is Hip Hop. Everytime I try & wittle my collection down to one managable shelf I find myself convincing myself that I can't get rid. This is besides the fact that I know I will most certainly never play some of them EVER EVER again.

        I look at, say, mediocre funk 45's & can think I aint going to play that any more so get rid.
        Supose If you ain't played a record for say 2 years, then you probally don't need it. Although sentimentality comes in here & visions of flipping on that Chubb Rock 12" when your 64 take your better judgement.
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          A friend of mine gave me some very good advice when I was recently doing the very same. He said that if he thought a record was okay and iif it was easy to find again should he have a sudden desire to hear it again, he would happily get rid of it. I'd always thought that all my records were irreplaceable until he said that, when in fact all but a few are actually hard to find again. It made it a lot easier to throw things out after that.


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            I have a different problem - I'm still aquiring records slowly at the moment due to a paucity of goodies locally and reduced financial circumstances.  

            Meanwhile our house is overrun with books - we've long run out of shelf space and I've tried to persuade my missus to get rid of a load. My argument is that she will never open 99% of them ever again - the reference and factual books obviously can stay but the novels ? Records, I explain, take up less space and although maybe some are rarely listened to, there will be a time when a casual flick through the racks  results in a long forgotten platter getting a spin.
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              In the end I gave myself an hour just pulling things out that were obvious charity shop candidates. I found it helped that I decided to stop faffing about checking things over one last time. I got rid of about 150 LPs that way. I'm going to keep doing the same thing for the next few weekends.

              Once I start hitting the "okay" stuff, my aim is to reduce that by half (and maybe get rid of that in MVE or wherever for exchange).

              Then I'll I get started on the 7"s....

              I'm getting into this now!

              Oh, and I only came back with two records for the 150ish I got rid of....
              Endless Tripe


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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (son of stan @ Nov. 13 2004,20:02)]Then I'll I get started on the 7"s....
                What do you have in the way of 7"s that you're getting rid of?


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                  had the same problems myself recently, trying to clear out literally 1000's of 12"s which have gotten out of hand over the years. I think each person finds their own critera and evaluation methods, but here's what I tried to adhere to :

                  1. Will I use it for djing again?
                  2. Will I ever listen to it at home?
                  3. Could I get a record I want more in exchange for it?

                  it's a struggle but it's helped me create some much needed shelf space. and i've still got another room to attack yet..


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                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] (djr @ Nov. 14 2004,02:42)]
                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] (son of stan @ Nov. 13 2004,20:02)]Then I'll I get started on the 7"s....
                    What do you have in the way of 7"s that you're getting rid of?
                    I don't know yet. I doubt if there will be much worth trading -just loads and loads of oddball bits that looked interesting when i picked 'em up and then turned out to be rubbish.

                    Still, I'll post any trades I come across in due course.
                    Endless Tripe


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                      I've just been doing the same thing at the mo, clearing through a lot (and forcing myself to 'rediscover' stuff I'd forgottne I had). But, just as the pace starts to pick up, I get a letter inviting me to apply for a job a a music archivist for a TV company and WHAM it all seems absolutely essential again. Probably won't even get the job!


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                        Ive got about 75% of my collection back in brighton (Im in london) and I just think well If if its not up here then its needs to go.

                        Then I think...damn I spent ages hunting those things down. Maybe I'll just leave them be.

                        Then I think...nah could do with the money....

                        Then I think...
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