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Hf&s thurs nov 18: gene drayton unit live!

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  • Hf&s thurs nov 18: gene drayton unit live!

    Thursday November 18, Gene Drayton Unit live. Guest DJ: Andy Brazil (Rhythm & Soul Basement/The Novelty)
    Hot, Funky & Sweaty. Every Thursday at The Salmon & Compass, 58 Penton St (corner of Penton & Chapel Mkt), Angel, London N1. 8pm-2am. £2/£3 with band, free before 9pm. Info: 020 7837 3891.

    The Hammond R&B modsters with a taste for soul are back, following an inspired performance a few months ago. We just had to get them again as soon as we possibly could! A very intense and dynamic lot, these guys... Not only is it bandleader GaryÂ’s birthday this Thursday, itÂ’s also the last chance to here the Unit this year - so if you missed their first appearance, then for GodÂ’s sake catch them this time around!

    Our guest DJ tonight is DJ Brazil otherwise known as Andy Miranda. AndyÂ’s always involved in something, be it all-nighters and Sunday sessions in Camden. Whatever heÂ’s up to, you can be sure to hear some very nice 60s R&B, Hammond Grooves and a spot of quality Latin, which is exactly what heÂ’ll be bringing down here!

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    Kind of surprised not to see any regulars from here down HF&S last night, though Fin & Liam made a brief appearence...

    Surprised because GDU were on fire! Tons better than last time - did a rockin version of Hendrix's 'Fire' that made the decent turnout go nuts, not to mention a great boogaloo version of Teenage Kicks at the end!

    Was a bit worried about playing to a bar full of Mods, until I got out some old test pressing of a Mod compilation and discovered that it was all just old R&B! Andy guest DJ had some fucking great tunes too - I'm gonna become a Mod if this is the kind of stuff they play. I told Liam this and he just zipped up his fleece - easy!


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      damn, was feeling ill and it was pouring with rain... missed them last time too