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180gram vinyl is shit confirmed

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  • 180gram vinyl is shit confirmed

    its not just chris harwood herself who is pissed off because her LPs been released without her approval (when she was actually going to do it herself anyway) but...

    the rest of the record buying market has to suffer from bullshit 180gram 'easy-scratch' 'too heavy to carry' virgin (?) vinyl.

    as if it didnt break my heart enough when 'lizard in a womans skin' came out.

    kraut rock ist nicht tot!

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    I've never understood the idea that the heavier a record is the better it will sound. I have lots of thin wobbly records that sound great and lots of thick heavy records that sound like crap.

    Are you still issuing the album? Or is it all fucked now?


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      Yeah but with heavy vinyl, the music is like, sooo much more heavy, dude. Ha hah ahahah ahah a....... ah.


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        Bring back Quad Dynaflex!!

        180 gram is indeed a travesty. Why does everything always sound so thin on 180? Is it cos the cutting machine can't cut a deep enough groove into the wax? Frequencies? I dunno....