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  • Psych on radio 4

    Good programme. It mentions a shop called Henry's in Burton on Trent. Anyone know this? Psych specialist, apparently.

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    Yeah, I've been...didn't look for any pysch, loads of easy stuff right up my street though. It's run by a really nice guy (Henry I guess) who, when I was there, told a bunch of dodgy looking teens that the shop was closing to get rid of them then said I could have as long as I wanted to look through the racks. Found a great oddball record by Orson Welles called The Begatting of The President. Tonnes of soul 45s when I went in as well...seemed to be lots of acid folk type stuff as well...


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      Yeah - it's near me Mam's - not been for a while and Chris Vulture tell's me that the stock is a bit stagnant of late.
      "..hole...road...middle thereof"