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Mystic minds - legit?

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  • Mystic minds - legit?

    is the mystic minds "mind over matter" lp a genuine mythically rare 70's lp or a modern scam?

    had the 're-ish' a few years now but i don't think i've ever seen an original copy come up for sale anywhere..

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    I've seen only one copy claiming it was an og. Twas on the bay of course but there was no way to verify its originality.

    I have the RI, but nobody I have ever spoke to has seen sight of an OG.

    It is an authentic recording from the seventies I'm told bt several psych funk delaers, but its minute pressing count makes this LP, supernaturally difficult to track.
    it's time for some heartbeats


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      cheers for the info andy - great record, but the sound quality is dreadful - i was gonna use it on the current CD swap but it was just too darned quiet

      oh, and congrats on the new arrival too - hope you're getting your sleep whilst you can!