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  • Bidpay in sterling!

    I'm new to selling on Ebay. I have a guy in Japan who wants to pay for a record by Bidpay, but says it will only let him pay in Dollars! Is there a way to pay in Sterling, or are Ebay only set up to take these sort of transactions in Dollars? (don't want to end up paying for changing cheque from dollars into sterling)
    Any help would be much appreciated....


    Mark GV
    Mark GV Taylor

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    And it won't be a cheque Mark - BidPay sends money orders... The short answer is that I dunno, but you may want to check the website (or try Western Union, as a possible alternative).
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      Yes. It is possible for you to be paid in £ pound sterling.

      But it can be more hassle than it's worth. When you sign up with bidpay, you get the option to be paid in UK Pounds. The buyer in
      Japan will have to pay the total in US Dollars. There is also a conversion fee (about $7 I think ?) to be added on top.


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        I used to change US money orders through They also have done US personal cheques, and domestic US money orders of all types. They don't charge silly fees and their exchange rates were quite competetive.

        I've haad numerous dealings with them up until about a year ago and it was always been very quick and efficient, even for the personal cheques which banks seem to take forever to process.
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          Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated....

          Mark GV
          Mark GV Taylor