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  • The screaming najgers

    Hi vultures,

    recently picked up one of those yellow jacket Chappel libraries with a couple of tracks by the Screaming Najgers. The tracks are penned by Cliff Johns. Can anyone shed more info on this? Did the Najgers scream on any other Chappells?

    David S
    God bless Fatso.

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    Cliff Johns was really John Gale, who went on to found the Studio G library.

    Is this the one with 'Strolling Bones' on it? I've often wondered if Jimmy Page plays on that track - it's well known he played on a few library sessions before Led Zep. The bass player on that particular track sounds a bit like John Paul Jones (though I've got no idea whether it actually is him), so it'd be nice to think half of Led Zeppelin recorded for Chappell before they were famous!


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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (Lord Thames @ Nov. 26 2004,23:47)]Is this the one with 'Strolling Bones' on it?
      Nah, its got three tracks, them being
      Cave Man!
      Swinging London
      Catalog number is LPC 908-913

      all decent tracks.

      David S
      God bless Fatso.


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        Hmm, I wonder which one Strolling Bones is on, then? Perhaps there are more Screaming Najgers tracks out there - that particular LP is a compilation of late period Chappell 78s, so it's possible there may be a couple more scattered about.


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          Can't remember the title, I'm afraid, but I picked up a yellow Chappell with 2 nagjers tracks on it. . I think they were different to the ones mentioned. Late 60's issue, I think.

          It was on an LP which had stuff my Roger Roger, Dennis Farnon and all the usual library suspects on it, as I recall.


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            Bumping an old thread with an update.

            "Rolling Bones" was pressed on a 10" Chappell 78 in 1965, credited to The Screaming Najgers. The flip side was "Blue Beat Parade".

            Details can be found in this recent eBay auction:


            And you can listen to "Rolling Bones" here: