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    An old footie mate has just got a job running FIFA's websites, which means he's moved to the home of the Gnomes. Anyone know any decent clubs?

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    it's a while since I've been there but Palais X-Tra is still supposed to be pretty good. I've had 'Cool Monday' - which is, unsurprisingly, on Mondays - recommended heavily, a friend played there recently and rated it highly...
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      Palais X-Tra is a good club, played there myself a couple of times. They have three dance rooms, main one holds about 1000 people, also a bar/restaurant & even rooms to rent for crashing out after the nights finished! The Cool Monday night is a mixture of funk, jazz, latin & new beatz. They normally get about 500 - 700 people in on average, which on a Monday night is amazing....
      Mark GV Taylor


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        hey ladyboy,
        palais x-tra is o.k. on mondays but the average age is around 18-21.
        some places/clubs of interest are:
        -rote fabrik (right by the lake,alternative spot with loads of concerts/dj's, david rodigan at the 18 december)
        -moods (always cool on fridays after midnight for solid funk)
        -dachterasse (loads of electrostuff but worth for the chickas&#33
        -langstrasse (it's the redlightdistrict but there are some very cool places/bars to hang out. just walk along with the trendy people)
        -ug club (always good dj sets)

        you can also check the forecast magazine. this mag has a little agenda of the concerts and clubs. buy also the neue zürcher zeitung on thursdays. they including a weekly agenda of all the cultural/music stuff then.

        ps:try also, thats a internetside about swissclubs.
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          is zurich the town with 16 tonnes or something shop?
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            yes serm,
            16 tons is based in zü;s one of the most exciting recordshops in europe. a zürich visit is worth just for this shop&#33;..

            16 tons
            anwandstrasse 25
            8004 zürich

            ps: if anybody of you is in switzerland around the 18 december you better come to my monthly clubnight. we have as special guests: lefties soul connection (only gig in switzerland&#33
            can you explain to me what this word means?



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              Mono Records is also a good shop, Spruz Li &amp; Pipo have a good selection of old and new releases. (you can even skin up and chill in the corner by the decks, along with a cup of tea/coffee)  
              Mark GV Taylor



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                yes it was an incredible shop. I spent 2 days in zurich but had so much real work I only had about 2 hours to look around.

                Certainly want to to back. Beautiful town.
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                  Thanks for all the replies&#33;