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  • Record fair (or unfair)

    So I've agreed to share a table with a friend at the record fair in Dublin tomorrow. So I've got 4 boxes of stuff + my 7" carrying case ready to go and a list of what I have. And even a little sign to advertise my LSD wares.

    So any advice to minimise how much of it I'll have to lug home. I'm wondering if it makes sense to try and get a table in a particular spot. There's a main room and also a row in the corridor outside which has better light but maybe you'll get ignored as people wander in to the main action. is there any point talking to the punters about what they want or is that too much effort and should I just trust to luck.

    Of course I'm out at a gig tonight and so just being there may be too much effort already.
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    I would go for the main room. If you have a player, throw on something that gets attention & forget the talking.