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  • Weekend finds

    Went to a handful of charities today and found something interesting in each. On top of a few rare country LP's destined for Ebay I found spares of the following:

    Keith Mansfield - All You Need is .... - Great LP with 3 or 4 excellent tracks.

    KPM - Visual Impact - Some funky stuff here from Brian Bennett, Johnny Pearson, Steve Gray and others.

    But the best of the bunch and definitely one of my finds of the year was a spare, near mint copy on Major Minor of ..........

    Big Julian and His All Stars - This is such a quality LP featuring Eddy Louis, Michel Colombier and loads more of the heavy weights of the French Jazz Scene.

    How did you guys do??

    In fact what have been your finds of the year???

    This is definitely one of mine (but not the absoloute best )

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    if you wanna trade that Visual Impact, holler at me


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      I didn't do so great today. Went to a record shop that I used to turn up some nice funk 45s for a good price, but I was informed today that "funk 45s have all dried up". Take note everyone.......

      Anyway I walked out with 2 45s:

      Gene Harris - Higga-Boom (Blue Note)
      Herman Kelly and Life - Dance to the Drummers Beat (Alston)
      2 45s in the mail from a trade with Mr. Idem - thanks sir!
      Earl Lett - Green Power (Beantown)
      Leon Haywwod - Cornbread and Buttermilk (Decca)

      If anyone is into Northern and comes to Philly, let me know. The dealer mentioned above has a good selection.


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        What u doing with that spare Big Julien then?? anything your after?


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          spent 40p in a charity shop yesterday,well chuffed to get a Jimmy Castor bunch 45 for 20p & Wild Cherry-Play... for the otha 20.Jimmy had a crack tho'.Disheartened I thought I'd give it a spin & lo and behold it played fine!Unfortunately it was absolutely shite....."Bom Bom".Nonsensical calypso garbage!!
          Work on a dream.....and get it done!


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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (llmod1 @ Dec. 11 2004,19:57)]How did you guys do??
            Maddest year so far for me, no doubt. Managed to grab at atleast 60% of my all time wants list. Too many to mention.

            But a few were:

            [1] Howard Wales

            [2] Nancy Priddy [Best Folk Funk LP EVER?]

            [3] Sunforest

            [4] Multiples of Roubaix 45's

            [5] ..........and of course that Frog thing.

            Others which shall remain under wraps for now. [Dont start!]

            Unfeasibly good year actually. Makes me wonder what 05' will bring forth!
            it's time for some heartbeats


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              On my way to a buddies pre Xmas drinks passed a book shop which had a small pile of vinyl out back. Found these for £2 each:

              Canned Heat -S/T

              Deep Purple in Concert

              John Mayall - The World of

              Woodstock - original mint copy

              Mack Brown - Shaft

              Alice Cooper - Muscle of Love (in own cardboard box)

              Tommy boy Greatest Hits

              Heavy Cream - Double best of

              Henry Cow - The Legend

              Ray McVay - The Return of - The one with Chim Chim Cheree that was on someones Easter mix tape.


              The Mack and Mik send me your trades list.


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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (Soul-Fiend @ Dec. 12 2004,19:06)][5] ..........and of course that Frog thing.
                That'll do for my finders fee

                new SPOKE release: >>> SEE HERE <<< RKM LIBRARY BEATS


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                  Had a much better today.....record show finds:

                  Houston Person - The Houston Express (Prestige) nice one
                  The Soulful Strings - Listen Here (Cadet)
                  upgrade of an underrated &amp; cheap killer

                  Jimmy Jones - Do What Comes Natural (Deke)
                  Larry Harlow - That Groovy Shingaling (Fania)
                  Monguito Santamaria - Hey Sister (Fania)
                  these three are x-mas gifts from the wife....nice huh?

                  and a big one off the want list:
                  Chuck Carbo - Can I Be Your Squeeze (Canyon)
                  an x-mas gift to myself.

                  plus a couple for trades or the &#39;bay.


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                    I havent been out into the wild this year at all - no time for bootin or charities these days.

                    But I did have one nice find in a charity near me - It was about 50 jamaican christian/gospel lps. Musically not my bank but from a curio angle they are amazing.

                    Ebay find of the year must have been that asiko lp...Nice.
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                      I wa sharing a table at a record fair so I was getitng rid of records. Except for the 12 I swapped with my partner in crime (mainly 80&#39;s issues of 60&#39;s psych/garage/nederpop - Blue Cheer, Cramps, Thanes, comps). I was tempted to take a load more but it would have seemed too greedy and I was worried I&#39;d end up with just the same volume I arrived with as I had a very slow start selling-wise. What was I thinking Watching the HP Lovecraft live album sell to another dealer has haunted me all weekend. I mean I already had it on CD and it was €10 for a reissue but still in all I was clearly stoopid. I also got a copy of Brass Monkey and a John Baldry lp.

                      Sadly the Licourice Soul records did no business. And I&#39;d even made a little poster. I dunno if having a pile of them amongst mainly second hand stuff meant people thought I&#39;d got a job lot of cut outs and so just flipped past them. Losers.
                      Enthusiastic vagueness passes for scholarship in the twilight world of the disc-jockey.

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                        Find of the year - just a week ago - Merit Hemmingson - Bergtragen amongst a load of more common holidays albums of crappy Greek and Spanish music, €3.50

                        And then across the road a bunch of hardcore/punk/garage lps for a euro each.

                        And then James Last&#39;s Best Kept Secret 10 minutes later.

                        It might not be the best stuff - but certainly a good haul from a patch that&#39;s usually dry as hell.
                        Enthusiastic vagueness passes for scholarship in the twilight world of the disc-jockey.

                        John Peel


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                          Originally posted by [b
                          Quote[/b] ]I havent been out into the wild this year at all - no time for bootin or charities these days.
                          I&#39;m with Serms. Not got out as much as I&#39;d like this year as I made the scary discovery that there&#39;s more to life than the pursuit of vinyl. Now, having rebuilt my belief system......

                          I was quite chuffed with the Jumping Jacques LP I found in a £1 box and got handsomely paid for on the Bay, yet if it hadn&#39;t been for someone mentioning it on this board (Serms?) I would have released that back into the wild as it wasn&#39;t my cup of Horlicks at all.

                          If money had been no object, my find of the year would have been what seemed to be Ian Carr&#39;s entire back catalogue on a market stall in Grantham a few weeks back. Unfortunately, the seller knew what he was doing and was using &#39;the book&#39;. Annoying cos I fancied relieving him of a few, especially the Metropolis LP.

                          I hope for better luck in 2005.
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