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  • Speaker buzz

    Bought myself a nifty new hifi stand today with glass shelves. The sound quality from my speakers now seems to have improved except that there is a light buzz which is audible when nothing is playing, I'm sure its there when the record is playing but its not loud enough to really interfere with the music. Any ideas on how to get rid of this. Thanks

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    Sounds like a grounding problem.
    God bless Fatso.


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      Solved by???????????

      Sorry to be an ignoramus


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        Check the connection between the turntables and the amp, ensure that the earth is sound....
        Matt Hero


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          Horaay! Ignoramus' of the world unite!!! Or should that be ignorami??????????


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            The turntable has to be earthed against something, generally against a brinding post on the back of the amplifier, a mixer (if your running turntables via a mixer) or on the preamp.

            You can get a buzz if this connection isn't properly sealed, i.e. if the connection is loose, some of the earthing wiring isn't connected to the binding properly, or the earthing strip has become disconnected from the turntable somehow.

            Does that make any sense ?
            Matt Hero


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              Originally posted by [b
              Quote[/b] (Hadrian Elephant @ Dec. 12 2004,23:14)]Sort of....

              You couldn't pop over & sort it out could you?

              It's only a 2 and half hour/260 mile round trip  
              Erm.... well, I'm sure Rich could sort this out for you. he's nearer
              Matt Hero